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A Guide to Conquering Diablo 4 Boss


Spiritcaller of Frost Diablo 4

In this guide, we will walk you through the strategies and tactics to defeat the Spiritcaller of Frost in Diablo 4, as well as the rewards you can expect.

Location of Spiritcaller of Frost in Diablo 4

The Spiritcaller of Frost can be found in two different dungeons: the Derelict Lodge and the Lost Archives.

  • Lost Archives: Head toward the southwestern side of the Desolate Highlands to find the Lost Archives dungeon. Clear this dungeon to face the Spiritcaller of Frost at the end.
  • Derelict Lodge: This dungeon is located near The Pallid Glade. Journey north from the Nostrava region, and you will come across the Derelict Lodge. The Spiritcaller of Frost awaits as the final boss in this dungeon.

Defeating the Spiritcaller of Frost in Diablo 4

To overcome the Spiritcaller of Frost, it is essential to understand its attack patterns and employ effective strategies. Here’s a breakdown of the boss fight:

  • Triple Iceball Attack: At the start of the encounter, the Spiritcaller of Frost will perform a Triple Iceball Attack. Dodge these consecutive iceball projectiles to avoid taking damage.
  • Carver Call Attack: When the boss’s health reaches 70 percent, it will summon small carvers and large-sized carver overlords. Prioritize eliminating these minions before focusing on the Spiritcaller of Frost.
  • Suicide Icebomb Attack: The Carvers will explode, unleashing an ice attack that inflicts significant damage. Maintain distance from them and evade this attack to minimize damage.
  • Fireball Tower Attack: In the final phase, the Spiritcaller of Frost will create spikes around the battlefield, limiting your movement. These spikes will shoot iceballs at you. Dodge the projectiles and avoid the red spikes to stay safe.


Upon defeating the Spiritcaller of Frost, players will receive various rewards and loot. These include gold, experience points, a rare item such as the Heavy Crossbow, and a magic gear item. Additionally, clearing the Derelict Lodge dungeon unlocks the Aspect of Explosive Verve (limited to the Rogue), while defeating the Spiritcaller of Frost in the Lost Archives dungeon unlocks the Aspect of the Protector 4.

By following the strategies outlined in this guide, you can confidently confront and defeat the Spiritcaller of Frost in Diablo 4. Remember to dodge the boss’s attacks, eliminate its summoned minions, and unleash your strongest abilities. Prepare yourself for an intense battle and claim your well-deserved rewards. Good luck, adventurer!