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A Guide to Defeating the Formidable Remnant 2 Boss


The Custodian's Eye Remnant 2

If you find yourself struggling to overcome The Custodian’s Eye in Remnant 2 and seek a smoother path to victory, fear not! We have prepared a comprehensive guide with valuable tips and tricks to help you defeat this boss with relative ease.

Conquering The Custodian’s Eye: A Guide to Defeating the Formidable Remnant 2 Boss

In the intense shooter Remnant 2, you’ll eventually face off against The Custodian’s Eye, a challenging flying drone boss. With relentless attacks and constant adds, it can quickly overwhelm players. However, defeating The Custodian’s Eye is manageable with the right strategy.

Follow these tips to secure victory against this boss and clear your path to success.

  • Vigilance is Key: The Custodian’s Eye is relentless in its attacks, so staying alert and attentive is crucial. Pay close attention to its movements and attack patterns to anticipate its next move.
  • Target the Central Eye: To maximize your damage output, focus your attacks on the central eye of The Custodian’s Eye. This is where it unleashes its most powerful laser assaults.
  • Beware of Laser Attacks: The boss employs two types of lasers—a lingering purple beam and a swift red laser. Avoid stepping on the purple beam, as it inflicts significant harm. Use lateral dodges to evade it effectively.

  • Embrace Calculated Risks: While attacking the boss’s eye during its laser assaults carries inherent risks, it also yields the highest damage output. Consider taking calculated risks during opportune moments to deal substantial damage.
  • Adapt to the Environment: The battle environment is dynamically shifting, and the ground may give way during certain phases. Be cautious of a powerful white laser attack and avoid stepping on areas emitting light to prevent damage.
  • Manage Minions: The Custodian’s Eye will summon minions to challenge you during the fight. Prioritize dispatching them to avoid overwhelming distractions while dealing with the boss.
  • Utilize Healing Phases: During moments when the ground gives way, use this phase strategically to restore your health and recover from injuries sustained during the battle.

With these key strategies in mind, you can confidently face The Custodian’s Eye and emerge victorious. Remember to stay patient, observe its patterns, and seize opportunities to deal critical damage.

As you conquer this challenging boss, you will have the satisfaction of witnessing The Custodian’s Eye transform from a formidable obstacle into a mere relic of the past, clearing your path to further triumphs in the world of Remnant 2. Good luck, brave adventurer! May your skills and determination lead you to victory!