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All 115 Dungeon Locations in Diablo 4


Diablo 4 dungeon locations

Prepare for an immersive journey through the captivating world of Diablo 4 as we uncover all 115 dungeon locations and their enticing rewards.

All 115 Dungeon Locations in Diablo 4

Discovering Dungeon Locations: Diablo 4 offers a staggering total of 115 dungeons scattered throughout its five regions. To clear all dungeons, players must explore each region and its subregions. Here is a breakdown of dungeon locations in each region:

Fractured Peaks

Fractured Peaks boasts 23 dungeons, spread across the region. Navigating these locations requires a mount, as they are situated far apart.

Dungeon Dungeon Boss Legendary Aspect Class
1 Anica’s Claim None Stormclaw’s Aspect Druid
2 Black Asylum None Aspect of Torment Necromancer
3 Caldera Gate None Eluding Aspect All
4 Cultist Refuge None Flamewalker’s Aspect Sorcerer
5 Dead Man’s Dredge None Aspect of Piercing Cold Sorcerer
6 Defiled Catacomb Broodguard Aspect of Tempering Blows Barbarian
7 Derelict Lodge Spiritcaller of Frost Aspect of Explosive Verve Rogue
8 Forbidden City Resurrected Malice Nighthowler’s Aspect Druid
9 Forsaken Quarry Khazra Abomination Aspect of Encircling Blades Rogue
10 Hallowed Ossuary Blood Bishop Aspect of Unrelenting Fury Barbarian
11 Hoarfrost Demise Khazra Abomination Blood-bathed Aspect Necromancer
12 Immortal Emanation Blood Bishop Mangled Aspect Druid
13 Kor Dragan Barracks None Aspect of Anemia Barbarian
14 Kor Valar Ramparts Knight Council Blast-Trapper’s Aspect Rogue
15 Light’s Watch Den Mother Aspect of Conflagration Sorcerer
16 Lost Archives Spiritcaller of Frost Aspect of the Protector All
17 Maulwood None Slaking Aspect Barbarian
18 Mercy’s Reach Tomb Lord Blood Seeker’s Aspect Necromancer
19 Nostrava Deepwood None Flesh-Rending Aspect Necromancer
20 Rimescar Cavern Khazra Abomination Aspect of Plunging Darkness Necromancer
21 Sanguine Chapel Blood Bishop Energizing Aspect Rogue
22 Tormented Ruins Scourge of the Land Aspect of the Unsatiated Druid
23 Zenith Blood Bishop Recharging Aspect Sorcerer


Similar to Fractured Peaks, Hawezar features 23 dungeons that are widely distributed. Players will need to cover significant ground to reach all the marked locations.

Dungeon Dungeon Boss Legendary Aspect Class
1 Akkhan’s Grasp Blood Bishop Blighted Aspect Necromancer
2 Ancient Reservoir Tomb Lord Aspect of Ancestral Echoes Barbarian
3 Bastion of Faith Mera and her Sentinels Trickshot Aspect Rogue
4 Belfry Zakara Drowned Seahag Aspect of the Ursine Horror Druid
5 Blind Burrows Broodguard Aspect of the Tempest Druid
6 Earthen Wound Chief Marauder Aspect of Singed Extremities Sorcerer
7 Endless Gate Scourge of the Land Aspect of the Rampaging Werebeast Druid
8 Faceless Shrine Mother’s Judgement Unyielding Commander’s Aspect Necromancer
9 Fetid Mausoleum Blood Bishop Snowguard’s Aspect Sorcerer
10 Ghoa Ruins Drowned Seahag Enshrouding Aspect Rogue
11 Haunted Refuge None  Brawler’s Aspect Barbarian
12 Heathen’s Keep Blood Bishop Aspect of Numbing Wrath Barbarian
13 Iron Hold Scourge of the Land Fastblood Aspect Necromancer
14 Leviathan’s Maw None Aspect of Siphoned Victuals Rogue
15 Light’s Refuge Knight Council Aspect of Bul-Kathos Barbarian
16 Lost Keep Resurrected Malice Aspect of the Deflecting Barrier All
17 Maugan’s Work Knight Council Earthstriker’s Aspect Barbarian
18 Oblivion None Aspect of Shared Misery All
19 Ruins of Eridu Spiritcaller of Flames Sacrificial Aspect Necromancer
20 Serpent’s Lair None Aspect of Three Curses Sorcerer
21 Shadow Plunge None Aspect of Branching Volleys Rogue
22 Steadfast Barracks Mother’s Judgement Vigorous Aspect Druid
23 Witchwater Slither Prodigy’s Aspect Sorcerer


Kehjistan houses 23 dungeons, with most concentrated in a large cluster in the central-southwestern region. However, traversing this area requires overcoming mountains and various obstacles.

Dungeon Dungeon Boss Legendary Aspect Class
1 Abandoned Mineworks None Aspect of Retribution All
2 Collapsed Vault Seething Hivemaster Aspect of Cyclonic Force Druid
3 Conclave None Aspect of the Changeling’s Debt Druid
4 Corrupted Grotto None Aspect of Grasping Veins Necromancer
5 Crumbling Hekma Tomb Lord Aspect of Splintering Energy Sorcerer
6 Crusader’s Cathedral Tomb Lord Stormshifter’s Aspect Druid
7 Deserted Underpass None Torturous Aspect Necromancer
8 Fading Echo Captain Svanjasga Skinwalker’s Aspect Druid
9 Forgotten Ruins Slither Iron Blood Aspect Barbarian
10 Hakan’s Refuge None Relentless Berserker’s Aspect Barbarian
11 Halls of the Damned Tomb Lord Aspect of Disobedience All
12 Heretics Asylum Lord Commander, Devoted Champion, Grand Inquisitor Veteran Brawler’s Aspect Barbarian
13 Inferno Scourge of the Land Vengeful Aspect Rogue
14 Prison of Caldeum Scourge of the Land Opportunist’s Aspect Rogue
15 Putrid Aquifer None Aspect of the Unwavering Sorcerer
16 Renegade’s Retreat Outlaw Sharpshooter Aspect of Corruption Rogue
17 Sepulcher of the Forsworn Seething Hivemaster Hulking Aspect Necromancer
18 Shivta Ruins Seething Hivemaster Wind Striker Aspect All
19 Sirocco Caverns None Aspect of Echoing Fury Barbarian
20 Sunken Library None Aspect of Control Sorcerer
21 Tombs of the Saints Resurrected Malice Incendiary Aspect Sorcerer
22 Uldur’s Cave None Aspect of the Damned Necromancer
23 Yshari Sanctum Mother’s Judgement Needleflare Aspect All


Scosglen offers the highest number of dungeons among all the regions, with a total of 25 locations to conquer. These dungeons are spread out across the region, providing a diverse and challenging dungeon exploration experience.

Dungeon Dungeon Boss Legendary Aspect Class
1 Aldurwood Den Mother Aspect of Reanimation Necromancer
2 Broken Bulwark Khazra Abomination Ghostwalker Aspect All
3 Calibel’s Mine Resurrected Malice Aspect of the Relentless Armsmaster Barbarian
4 Demon’s Wake None Aspect of Uncanny Treachery Rogue
5 Domhainne Tunnels Khazra Abomination Aspect of Efficiency Sorcerer
6 Feral’s Den Innes, Vengeance of Glora-An- Fhaidha Aspect of Quicksand Druid
7 Flooded Depths None Aspect of Empowering Reaper Necromancer
8 Garan Hold Spiritcaller of Flames Aspect of the Dire Whirlwind Barbarian
9 Hive Broodguard Aspect of Swelling Curse Necromancer
10 Howling Warren None Aspect of Arrow Storms Rogue
11 Jalal’s Vigil Bramble Bladedancer’s Aspect Rogue
12 Luban’s Rest Tomb Lord Cheat’s Aspect Rogue
13 Maddux Watch Tomb Lord Charged Aspect Sorcerer
14 Mariner’s Refuge Drowned Seaheg Overcharged Aspect Druid
15 Oldstones Khazra Abomination Edgemaster’s Aspect All
16 Penitent Cairns Resurrected Malice Death Wish Aspect Barbarian
17 Raethwind Wilds Bramble Aspect of Inner Calm All
18 Sarat’s Lair Serat Snowveiled Aspect Sorcerer
19 Stockades Resurrected Malice Crashstone Aspect Druid
20 Sunken Ruins None Aspect of Ancestral Force Barbarian
21 Twisted Hollow Bramble Shadowslicer Aspect Rogue
22 Underroot None Aspect of the Expectant All
23 Vault of the Forsaken Drowned Seahag Requiem Aspect Necromancer
24 Whispering Pines Spiritcaller of Squalls Ballistic Aspect Druid
25 Wretched Delve Spiritcaller of Squalls Aspect of Static Cling Sorcerer

Dry Steppes

The Dry Steppes region is home to 21 dungeons. Most of these dungeons can be found in the central parts of the region, with a few located on the outskirts or coastal border.

Dungeon Dungeon Boss Legendary Aspect Class
1 Ancient’s Lament None Aspect of Volatile Shadows Rogue
2 Betrayer’s Row Scourge of the Land Aspect of Potent Blood Necromancer
3 Bloodsoaked Crag Chief Marauder Shepherd’s Aspect Druid
4 Buried Halls Resurrected Malice Rapid Aspect All
5 Carrion Fields Tomb Lord Aspect of the Iron Warrior Barbarian
6 Champion’s Demise Khazra Abomination Aspect of the Umbral All
7 Charnel House None Aspect of Perpetual Stomping Barbarian
8 Dark Ravine Mother’s Judgement Aspect of Might All
9 Forgotten Depths Tomb Lord Aspect of Biting Cold Sorcerer
10 Grinning Labyrinth Scourge of the Land Aspect of the Calm Breeze Druid
11 Guulrahn Canals None Trickster’s Aspect Rogue
12 Guulrahn Slums Resurrected Malice Splintering Aspect Necromancer
13 Komdor Temple Khazra Abomination Aspect of the Bounding Conduit Sorcerer
14 Mournfield Outlaw Sharpshooter Aspect of Berserk Ripping Barbarian
15 Onyx Hold None Storm Swell Aspect Sorcerer
16 Pallid Delve Tomb Lord Elementalist’s Aspect Sorcerer
17 Path of the Blind Scourge of the Land Aspect of Bursting Bones Necromancer
18 Sealed Archives Tomb Lord Aspect of Mending Stone Druid
19 Seaside Descent None Aspect of Retaliation Druid
20 Shifting City Tomb Lord Ravenous Aspect Rogue
21 Whispering Vault Tomb Lord Aspect of Unstable Imbuements Rogue

Dungeon Rewards

Exploring the diverse dungeon locations in Diablo 4 is an integral part of the game’s endgame content. By venturing into these dungeons, players can reap rewards, improve their builds, and unlock legendary aspects to augment their skills.

Legendary aspects obtained from dungeon completions can be utilized by all classes, while some aspects are exclusive to specific classes

Additionally, Diablo 4 features Capstone dungeons, which differ from regular dungeons. Clearing these dungeons allows you to increase the World Tier difficulty, providing more challenging gameplay while granting rewards like higher-level gear.

With a comprehensive understanding of the significance of clearing dungeons in Diablo 4 and a guide to their various locations across the five regions, you are now ready to embark on a thrilling dungeon journey. Explore, conquer, and unleash the power within these dungeons to become a true force in the world of Diablo 4.