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Apex Legends update patch notes 2.27 for June 29


On June 29, Respawn released a patch 2.27  for Apex Legends that fixed some minor bugs.

Apex Legends patch notes 2.27 details :


  • Limited-time mode: Armed & Dangerous
  • New collection event running from June 20-July 4


  • Features shotguns and snipers
  • Replicator offers Fully Kitted Peacekeeper and Charge Rifle
  • Charge Rifle removed from ground loot


  • 24 limited-time cosmetics, including Legendary skins for Crypto, Horizon, Mad Maggie, and more
  • Available in exchange for Apex Coins or Crafting Metals
  • Obtainable through Dressed to Kill Event Apex Packs
  • Unlock all 24 before the end of the event and you’ll automatically receive our latest Heirloom, Horizon’s Gravity Maw.


  • Earn up to 1,600 points per day
  • Challenges refresh daily and stack with Battle Pass challenges


  • Die Tired Bundle and Bounty Hunter Bundle available in the Store tab
  • Crypto’s [CLASSIFIED] available from June 20 – July 4, 2023

Balance Updates

  • Weapon Crafting Rotation changes: R-99 and Rampage LMG added to the crafter, Alternator SMG and Sentinel return to ground loot
  • Evac Tower spawn rate reduced to match Heat Shields
  • Mobile Respawn Beacon spawn rate slightly increased

Weapon Updates

  • Nemesis Burst AR: Reduced projectile speed and increased projectile gravity
  • EVA-8: Increased base rate of fire and white bolt rate of fire, unchanged rate of fire with blue, purple, and gold bolts

Legends Update


  • Passive: Heartbeat Sensor range reduced to 50m, initial heartbeat delay significantly reduced
  • Tactical: Focus of Attention range reduced to 60m, firing speed increased, removed heal cancel, revive cancel, and respawn beacon interaction interrupt, scan time reduced to 2.5s, full body highlight added to scan, enemies hit by Focus of Attention are slowed for 2.5s, silence time increased to 10s, silenced enemies now highlighted with a threat outline to Seer and teammates with line of sight
  • Ultimate: Exhibit throw range reduced to ~15m, removed diamond scan markers on enemy movement, exhibit now only shows footsteps of players moving in the zone, diamond markers appear with enemy gunfire for 1.25s

Quality of Life

  • Firing Range improvements, including customization options and menu additions
  • Audio engine stability improvements
  • Bloodhound Trials updated loot on World’s Edge
  • Newcastle now destroys Jump Pads and Crypto Drones on Castle Wall Impact
  • Extended Supply (Support) Bins have a higher chance to give an MRB to Support legends with dead teammates
  • Legends Menu changes, including new Legend Bios tab and removal of classes subtabs
  • PC improvements, including new menu option and capped lobby FPS at 60Hz

Bug Fixes

  • [CAR] correct active ammo now shows in the inventory when infinite ammo is active
  • Fixed “are you sure you want to leave” prompt in states that were not applicable (ex. squad wipes)
  • Fixed tops of buildings not registering as out of bounds on World’s Edge
  • Fixed Ballistic’s Tempest VFX staying on while cloaked or phase shifted
  • Fixed Ballistic’s sling weapon icon not updating for spectators
  • Apex update 2.26 fixed death recap appearing blank if you were dead or died when the game ended
  • Fixed “decoy destroyed” message not displaying when destroying a decoy with Newcastle’s Castle Wall
  • Fixed Extended Supply Bin logic to address MRBs not awarding to players with dead teammates and MRBs are in ground loot
  • Fixed invisible optic on a primary weapon after swapping it with the sling weapon
  • Apex version 2.26 fixed MRB icon being squished in Control on ultrawide monitors
  • Fixed occasional client crash when exiting an IMC armory
  • Fixed occasional crash when changing legends while emoting as Ballistic in firing range
  • Fixed pinging Icarus Bridge on Olympus while holding a vault key displaying incorrectly
  • Apex patch 2.26 fixed pinging weapon icons on the map and minimap being squished
  • Fixed teams being unable to craft banners if the support legend on the team leaves
  • Replicator: players should no longer get stuck when crafting
  • Weapon Mastery: badge preview now correctly updates after earning the first one
  • Volume sliders now increase/decrease correctly when using controller


  • Fixed certain movement sounds taking priority over footsteps
  • Apex 2.26 fixed hearing Ballistic’s tactical sound effect in other firing ranges
  • Fixed incorrect sound effect when Ballistic hits a teammate with Whistler
  • Fixed more issues with server audio dropouts
  • Fixed players emitting falling audio after dying


  • Ballistic
    • Backpack no longer stays open when downed while Tempest is active
    • Fixed an exploit where players could get a weapon with attachments into Sling
    • Now auto-cycles to his sling weapon when other weapons run out of ammo
    • Tactical lock-on effect no longer stays if downed while locked on
    • Tactical lock-on effect no longer stays if hit by Seer’s tactical while locked on
  • Lifeline: fixed Shinobi Surgeon skin textures
  • Newcastle: fixed inconsistencies on landing with Castle Wall
  • Rampart
    • Nemesis voiceline no longer plays every time the gun is picked up
    • Placed Sheila turrets no longer keep the fast reloads from Ballistic’s Tempest
  • Valkyrie
    • Dummies not scanning in the firing range while skydiving
    • Heartbeat Harmonizer skin no longer blocks ADS with Prowler + 1x Holo
    • Improvements to Skyward Launch avoiding obstacles that appeared above her after she had already started launching
  • Wattson
    • Fixed fences occasionally being invisible through doors
    • Solar Static skin is no longer extra toothy
  • Wraith: Into the Void no longer prevents skydive from Evac Towers
  • Addressed a bug where when holding the tactical button to deploy and jump to Echo, Echo will spawn where Vantage spawned, or to the last position Echo was recalled to.
  • Remove/Transfer attachment buttons have been reverted.
  • Addressed a bug where “Splash Zone” ironsight for Flatline is much wider/clearer compared with other Flatline skins.
  • Fixed a bug where players are unable to purchase Sun Squad items (Belgian accounts).
  • Progress was restored for Switch players.
  • General stability fixes added.
  • Performance improvements added.
  • Other minor tweaks.