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Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide – How to defeat General Thorm and the Apostle of Myrkul


Baldur’s Gate 3 General Thorm

Baldur’s Gate 3 presents a challenging showdown against General Thorm, the formidable antagonist of the game’s second act. This guide will walk you through the strategies needed to conquer this imposing foe and his insidious master, the Apostle of Myrkul.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide – How to defeat General Thorm and the Apostle of Myrkul

Part 1: Taking on General Thorm

Before breaching the boss chamber, empower your party with enhancers like Bless, Haste and Aid. Their boons will prove invaluable amidst the chaos.

As the skirmish begins, Thorm will initially be impervious once again, owing to Nightsong confined in a Soul Cage at chamber’s rear. First priority is freeing Nightsong – her might makes her an invaluable ally. With her unleashed, Thorm’s invincibility fades.

While someone makes for Nightsong, deal with the other horrors lurking within. Three Necromites, four Intellect Devourers and a Mind Flayer stand between you and Thorm. Clearing them first allows focusing fire on Thorm, while preventing Nightsong’s questionable AI from wandering astray.

Once the underlings are handled, finish the Mind Flayer. Your squad’s combined fury should drop it in a single round. With the extras vanquished and Nightsong freed, throttle Thorm with everything at your disposal.

Tips for Toppling Thorm:

  • Thorm counters melee with knockdown. Abilities that suppress reactions or flip the script and knock him prone prove useful.
  • Leverage high damage abilities and critical hits to rapidly overwhelm Thorm before Necromites overwhelm you.
  • Spells blinding or restraining Thorm can provide a decisive edge.

Part 2: Casting Down the Apostle of Myrkul

Upon Thorm’s defeat, an aspect of Myrkul emerges, hungry for vengeance. Boasting over 200 HP and attacks that punish the entire party, Myrkul is a deadly foe. Recovery is borderline impossible thanks to his chilling Bone Chill aura. He also absorbs Necromites to unleash his lethal Finger of Death.

To defeat this boss, you need to act swiftly and decisively. Focus on Myrkul with abilities like Smite, supported by Haste. Nightsong will concentrate her attacks on Myrkul, significantly contributing to your offensive. Spells like Cloud Of Daggers prove effective due to Myrkul’s stationary nature, dealing consistent damage outside your turn.


Following your victory over Thorm and his god, don’t forget to loot the chamber. The most valuable items can be found on Thorm himself, including:

  • Ketheric’s Warhammer
  • Ketheric’s Shield
  • Reaper’s Embrace

These items significantly enhance both damage output and survivability, particularly for Fighters and Paladins.

This grueling crucible tests the limits of your abilities, but victory grants passage into Act 3. Follow these strategies, keep a clear head, and Baldur’s Gate 3‘s narrative continues. Glory awaits!