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Best Blood Knight Build in Diablo Immortal Season 16: Attributes, Skills, & More

best diablo immortal blood knight build
Images via Blizzard Entertainment

For Diablo Immortal players looking to master the new Blood Knight class, this guide will cover the best build to crush demons with the darkness-fueled abilities of this antihero fighter.

Diablo Immortal – Best Blood Knight Build in Season 16 (PvP & PvE)

Understanding the Blood Knight

The Blood Knight is a human partially turned into a vampire, gaining ominous powers while retaining their humanity. As a wildcard against evil, they drain demonic enemies to empower their attacks. Ideal for players who enjoy inhabiting antiheroes who turn darkness against itself.

Still fresh in Season 16, the Blood Knight’s meta is unfolding. But early signs point to formidable builds, providing new playstyles not seen since Diablo 3’s Necromancer. An intriguing prospect for veterans seeking novel demon-smiting specializations.

The Best Build – Vampire Bat

As the Blood Knight’s dominion over melee hybrid combat takes center stage, the Vampire Bat build emerges as a formidable PvE configuration. Although the class is still in its infancy, this build has exhibited great potential, capturing our attention.

Attributes: Distribute your attribute points as follows:

  • Vitality: Least important, as the build relies on draining enemies’ life force.
  • Intelligence and Strength: Primary focus.
  • Willpower and Fortitude: Supplementary points.

Skills: The Vampire Bat build revolves around the strategic synergy of two primary skills:

  • Swarm of Bats: Utilize as the primary offensive skill.
  • Siphon Blood: Cast on nearby enemies to drain their health, simultaneously replenishing the Blood Knight’s vitality.
best diablo immortal blood knight build
Images via Blizzard Entertainment

In scenarios where your essence or mana runs low, rely on Shadow’s Edge as the primary skill until Sanguinate becomes available. This rotation provides an effective approach to dismantling mobs and tackling elite adversaries.

During essence/mana depletion, transition to Shadow’s Edge, alternating with Sanguinate for sustained assault against mobs and elites.

Tactical Versatility: Enhance your strategy by integrating Abomination, a skill that combines blood-draining Siphon Blood with a potent attack. To render enemies vulnerable, incorporate Skewer and Mehitic Cloud, inducing stun and blindness.

Gear Enhancements: Equip the following items to amplify your Blood Knight’s prowess:

  • Chest Armor – Chiropteran Trade: Amplifies Swarm of Bats damage by 10%.
  • Off-hand – Mercy’s Plight: Shadow’s Edge marks enemies, dealing extra damage.
  • Helm – Cousin to Wildcats: Siphon Blood slows nearby enemies and unleashes a blood wave, stunning them.
  • Pants – Faces of Fading Mirth: Infuses Swarm of Bats with poison damage.
  • Shoulders – The Numbing Edge: Enhances Siphon Blood damage by 20%.
  • Main Hand Weapon – Broken Corseque: Increases Siphon Blood damage upon Hemmorage activation.

This nimble draining build allows Blood Knights to eliminate enemies with ruthless efficiency. As experimentation continues, more top builds will likely emerge. For now, embrace your inner vampire and let the bat build feast on the demons of Diablo Immortal.