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Best Characters and Tier List (August 2023)

master of knights best characters
Images via NEOWIZ

This comprehensive Master of Knights tier list for August 2023 will guide you in selecting and harnessing the power of the best characters.

Master of Knights: Best Characters and Tier List (August 2023)

The Master of Knights Tier List simplifies character selection by categorizing them into distinct tiers: SS, S, A, and B. Below is the detailed classification:

Tier Mage Warrior Archer Assasin Support
SS Lilith  Amdusias Bunny Alonso Esperanza  Alice
S  Vivian, Astaroth Claudia  Artemis Sia Verdandi
A Tesla Bellatrix Valkyrie Merrow Neil
B Raphael Elbis Hotaro Hotaro

Top Tier Characters for Mastering Knights

Images via NEOWIZ

Identifying the most potent characters within the game is essential for success. Here are the top 5 characters that have garnered popularity due to their prowess:

Bunny Alonso

Bunny Alonso, a skilled archer, combines damage and mobility. Her Double Jump skill grants her exceptional agility, enabling her to attack from strategic positions.


Ambdusias, a fierce warrior, excels in damage and crowd control. Her Earthquake ability deals widespread damage and knocks enemies back, creating opportunities for your team.


Lilith is a potent mage specializing in damage and enemy AP reduction. Her unique skill, Nightmare, disrupts enemy AP, providing a significant advantage in battles.


Esperanza, a lethal assassin, focuses on damage and crowd control. Her Shadow Strike ability allows her to teleport and launch devastating critical hits.


Alice, a potent support hero, specializes in healing and shielding. Her Healing Rain ability provides vital healing for your team within a substantial area.

S tier heroes should be the crown jewels of your roster. Lilith, Amdusias, Bunny, Esperanza and Alice bring irresistible strength to overwhelm enemies when mastered. With the right team, you’ll conquer Master of Knights in no time!