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Blade’s Real Name in Honkai Star Rail


honkai star rail blade's real name

Do you know Blade’s real name in Honkai Star Rail? Read on to see what we, at least, have speculated about this Stellaron Hunter.

Unraveling the Mystery: Blade’s Real Name in Honkai Star Rail

As players embark on this quest, an encounter with ghostly bubbles presents an intriguing possibility – Blade’s real name may be Yinxing. The voice of Yinxing in these dialogues appears more vibrant than the current voice lines attributed to Blade, raising eyebrows and sparking curiosity among the player community. Adding to the mystery, a character named Dan Feng alludes to this encounter as a “Familiar Voice,” hinting at a deeper connection between Blade and Dan Feng.

According to the game’s lore, Blade and Dan Feng were once friends, their bond forged through shared experiences. Tragically, unforeseen circumstances led to the dissolution of their friendship, leaving unresolved tensions lingering between them. Although they may not view each other as arch-nemeses, Blade occasionally alludes to “paying for our debt” when conversing with Dang Heng, suggesting a complex history that binds them together.

The most compelling evidence is how Yinxing’s talent for weapons research mirrors Blade’s mastery as a Stellaron Hunter. The name also references famous Ming Dynasty scientist Song Yingxing, fitting with Blade’s Chinese heritage. While speculation points to Yinxing being Blade’s real moniker, HoYoverse has yet to confirm this theory.

Unlocking Blade’s former identity could be the key to finally illuminating his motivations and inner turmoil. If Yinxing is proven to be his name, it suggests Blade underwent devastating transformations throughout his long life that turned an optimistic researcher into a regretful immortal wanderer.

For now, fans continue piecing together clues about Yinxing across Honkai Star Rail’s lore, hoping to unravel the puzzles of Blade’s obscured origins. But only time will tell whether HoYoverse ever definitively reveals the true name of this mysterious Stellaron Hunter.