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Cookie Run: Kingdom Boss Hunt Event Guide


Cookie Run Kingdom Boss Hunt guide

In this guide, we will provide an overview of the Boss Hunt event in Cookie Run: Kingdom, battle points, tactics, difficulties, rewards, and team compositions for each stage. Get ready to take on these challenging bosses and claim your rewards!

Cookie Run: Kingdom Boss Hunt Event Guide

Understanding Boss Hunt

Boss Hunt allows players to assemble a team of Cookies using a specific number of Battle Points and engage in battles against various bosses. Your goal is to clear as many difficulty levels as possible during a season, with your ranking determined by the percentage of damage dealt to the bosses on the highest difficulty level reached.

Assembling Your Team and Applying Battle Tactics

For each stage of Boss Hunt, you’ll need to use the given number of Battle Points to assemble your team. After completing a boss run, you’ll earn Battle Points, which can be used to apply Battle Tactics. These tactics are buffs that are activated at the start of battles and vary in Battle Point cost.

Common 4 5
Rare 12 15
Epic and Special 20 25
Super Epic 28 35
Ancient, Legendary and Dragon 36 45

If needed, you have the option to spend Crystals to add ten times the Battle Points for a single stage, up to three times a day. However, keep in mind that any purchased points will vanish after the end of that battle, regardless of the outcome.

Battle Buffs & Effects

Understanding the vulnerabilities and buffs of the boss enemies is crucial for success in Boss Hunt. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Vulnerabilities to Elements: Certain bosses are vulnerable to specific elements. Attacking them with Cookies capable of dealing damage of the respective type will result in increased damage.
  • Vulnerabilities to Status Effects: Some bosses are vulnerable to particular status effects. If a boss is vulnerable, the corresponding effects will be more effective against them. However, if a boss is immune to specific effects, they will not be affected.
  • Fatigue: Bosses will accumulate Fatigue when subjected to movement, attack, or skill-impairing effects or vulnerable status effects. Once their Fatigue meter is full, they become incapacitated and receive additional damage.
  • Rage: Bosses with the Rage property will have their Rage meter increase at given intervals. When the meter is full, the boss gains the Rage buff. Incapacitating a boss due to Fatigue will decrease their Rage meter, preventing them from gaining the Rage buff.
  • Weakening: Failing to clear a stage repeatedly will result in the boss gaining a Weakening debuff. The debuff’s potency increases based on the damage dealt to the boss, up to a maximum of +3. However, clearing the stage will reset the Weakening debuff.

Difficulty Levels, Bosses & Rewards

Boss Hunt features difficulty levels ranging from Level F to Level A. Players start from Level F and progress through each difficulty level by clearing all seven stages. The same set of seven bosses will be encountered in each stage, consisting of the following:

  • Cakeberus
  • Royal Gardener
  • Bachalomoth the Dreamer
  • Remorseful Sugar Swan
  • Choco Werehound Princess
  • Fiery Star’s Wrath
  • ??? (Berserk Dark Cacao Cookie)

Upon completing each run, you’ll earn Tactician’s Medals, a currency used to purchase items in the Boss Hunt Shop. At the end of the event, you’ll receive additional rewards based on your ranking, including Crystals, EXP Star Jelly, Shining Glitter Cookie Soulstones, and Coins.

Recommended Team Compositions

In Boss Hunt, the Battle Points condition determines the Cookies used in battles, with their stats adjusted accordingly. All Cookies used during battles will be promoted to a minimum of 3 Stars, allowing players to freely utilize Rare, Common, and even Epic Cookies that they haven’t previously built or used.

Stage F to Stage E

  • Tarte Tatin Cookie as the main focus.
  • Rockstar Cookie as the Healer.
  • Milk Way Cookie and/or Wildberry Cookie as Tanks.
  • Rye Cookie for additional ranged damage.
  • Avoid debuff-applying Cookies against bosses immune to those debuffs.

Stage D to Stage A

  • Focus on debuffing bosses based on their vulnerabilities.
  • Utilize Cookies that can apply specific debuffs.
  • Adjust team composition to exploit boss weaknesses.
Weakness Cookies
Light Madeleine Cookie, Clotted Cream Cookie, Financier Cookie, Kouign-Amann Cookie
Light Cage Clotted Cream Cookie
Poison Prune Juice Cookie, Poison Mushroom Cookie, Royal Magarine Cookie, Licorice Cookie, Affogato Cookie, Alchemist Cookie
Stun Pinecone Cookie, Wildberry Cookie, Werewolf Cookie, Cotton Cookie, Schwarzwalder, Tea Knight Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, Cherry Cookie, Tiger Lily Cookie
Freeze Prophet Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie, Sherbet Cookie
Zap Dark Cacao Cookie, Shining Glitter Cookie, Twizzly Gummy Cookie.
Taunted Knight Cookie, Milk Cookie
Silence Cream Unicorn Cookie, Latte Cookie, Licorice Cookie

By utilizing the recommended team compositions and understanding the vulnerabilities and buffs of the bosses, players can effectively clear the stages of Boss Hunt and secure their rankings for rewarding prizes.

In conclusion, the Boss Hunt event in Cookie Run: Kingdom‘s Summer Soda Rock Festa update provides an engaging battle-focused experience. Take advantage of this limited-time event, experiment with different team compositions, and aim for the top of the rankings. Good luck, and may your Cookies emerge victorious in the Boss Hunt!