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Diablo 4 Shepherd’s Aspect Guide


diablo 4 shepherd's aspect

In this Diablo 4 guide, we will explore how to obtain the Shepherd’s Aspect, its significance in enhancing your core skills, and recommended builds to maximize its potential.

Diablo 4 Shepherd’s Aspect

Shepherd’s Aspect Class
Core Skills deal an additional (XX)% damage for each active Companion.
Imprintable Equipment You can only imprint Offensive Aspects on the following items:
One-handed Weapons
Two-handed Weapons

How to obtain the Shepherd’s Aspect in Diablo 4

To acquire the Shepherd’s Aspect, players must venture into the treacherous Bloodsoaked Crag dungeon located in the heart of Dry Steppes. Access to this dungeon can be found northeast of the Temple of Rot or by teleporting to the Alzudda waypoint in the Fields of Hatred. Alternatively, players can approach it from the Jirandai waypoint or the Hidden Overlook by circling around from the west.

Moreover, the Shepherd’s Aspect has a chance to appear randomly on legendary item drops. Players looking to obtain this aspect can increase their chances by engaging in activities such as farming dungeons, participating in world events, and challenging world bosses. When trading Obols for legendaries at the Purveyor of Curiosities, selecting offhands can be an efficient method as they cost only 40 Obols and exclusively offer offensive aspects.

Best Shepherd’s Aspect build

The Shepherd’s Aspect can synergize well with various meta-Druid builds that heavily rely on core skills. Players should ensure that they have one skill slot available for summoning their companions to maximize the damage output.

One effective option is the Pulverize Druid build, where Pulverize serves as the core skill that benefits from the damage buff provided by Shepherd’s Aspect. To fully incorporate a companion into this build, you may need to make adjustments. While any companion can work effectively, the Wolf companion is particularly recommended due to its decent damage output and relatively shorter cooldown.

To unleash the full potential of Shepherd’s Aspect, it is crucial to cycle through all your core skills while the Wolf companion is active. By doing so, you can achieve maximum damage output and become a formidable force against the hordes of hell.

That brings us to the end of our Diablo 4 Shepherd’s Aspect guide.