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DMZ Crack the Code Mission Guide: Mastering the Ultimate Challenge


Crack the Code DMZ

Prepare yourself for one of the most challenging and complex missions in the game. To successfully complete this mission, you’ll need a step-by-step strategy and careful planning. Follow this comprehensive game guide to conquer the Crack the Code mission in DMZ, earn exclusive rewards, and prove your skills.

DMZ Crack the Code Mission Guide: Mastering the Ultimate Challenge

Preparation for the Mission

To ensure success, it’s crucial to come prepared. Stock up on ample ammunition and Armor Plates to withstand the relentless combat encounters. Additionally, acquire a Car Battery and Jumper Cables to open essential doors. Consider equipping Night Vision Goggles to enhance visibility within the complex and save valuable time.

Obtaining the Diamond-Tipped Drill

  1. Deploy to Al Mazrah and head to the Koschei Complex.
  2. Explore the Chemical Plant and collect Night Vision Goggles, the R4D Detector, and the Factory Admin Key.
  3. Use the Car Battery and Jumper Cables on an electrical junction box to access the Alpha Cluster.
  4. Eliminate threats and use the R4D Detector on the keypad-locked door to reveal hidden symbols.
  5. Memorize the symbols and find blackboards around the area to match them with numbers.
  6. Return to the keypad-locked door and enter the three-digit code to unlock it and obtain the Diamond Bit Drill.

Drilling the Safe and Extracting the Note

  1. Leave the Alpha Cluster and return to the Chemical Plant.
  2. Utilize the Factory Admin Key to enter the Factory Wing, where you’ll face formidable bosses, The Rhinoceros and The Sniper.
  3. Defeat The Rhinoceros to reveal a stairwell leading to The Sniper.
  4. Chase and defeat The Sniper in the winding hallway.
  5. Proceed through the upstairs corridor to find the Factory Safe.
  6. Use the Diamond Bit Drill on the safe to extract Dr. M’s Lab Notebook, the mission’s key objective.

Completing the Mission and Rewards

Time is of the essence! Escape the Koschei Complex before the radiation engulfs you, signaling the successful completion of the Tier-5 Crack the Code Story Mission.

As a testament to your triumph, you will unlock the exclusive Weather Proof Operator Skin, showcasing your skills in DMZ. Additionally, you will be rewarded with a generous 40,000 XP, further elevating your achievements in the game.

Congratulations! You are now equipped with the knowledge to conquer the DMZ Crack the Code Mission. Remember to prepare adequately, gather essential items, and employ strategy to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Good luck, and may your journey through DMZ be victorious!