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Honkai Star Rail 1.2 Leak Unveils New Echo of War Weekly Boss


Honkai Star Rail 1.2 weekly boss

Exciting news has emerged from the Honkai: Star Rail community as leaks reveal a new Echo of War weekly boss set to join the game in Version 1.2.

Honkai Star Rail 1.2 Leak Unveils New Echo of War Weekly Boss

Echo of War Boss Unveiled

The leak, shared by renowned Honkai: Star Rail leaker CynoUlts, provides a glimpse into the Xianzhou Luofu’s new weekly boss fight. The boss is depicted as a colossal figure, partially shrouded by clouds, wielding a powerful hand fan as its weapon.

During the battle, the boss will summon lotus-shaped mobs that grant beneficial buffs to allies upon their destruction. Additionally, the video showcases the boss’s devastating Ultimate attack, unleashing a massive explosion and dealing Quantum damage to all party members.

Elemental Weaknesses and Phases

The leaked details also shed light on crucial strategies for players gearing up to face the Echo of War boss. The formidable foe will be susceptible to Electric, Wind, and Imaginary attacks, making it essential for players to build well-balanced teams to maximize their chances of success.

Additionally, the boss will present three phases, with the Ultimate attack guaranteed to strike after depleting the first health bar. This knowledge will undoubtedly aid players in preparing for the thrilling challenge ahead.

Expectations and Release

While the origin of the Echo of War boss remains shrouded in mystery, fans eagerly await its official debut with the launch of Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.2. The new weekly boss is expected to bring fresh challenges and rewards to the game, adding to the excitement of exploring the captivating world of Xianzhou Luofu.

As the Honkai: Star Rail community eagerly anticipates the Version 1.2 update and the arrival of the formidable Echo of War weekly boss, players can look forward to a challenging and thrilling adventure in Xianzhou Luofu. Stay tuned for more official announcements from HoYoverse as the exciting journey through the world of Honkai: Star Rail continues to unfold.