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How to Complete Baldur’s Gate 3 Avenge the Drowned

Baldur's Gate 3 Avenge the Drowned
Images via Larian Studios

If the Avenge the Drowned quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 has you stumped, let our guide light the way through every stage of this multi-layered mission. Continue reading to find a step-by-step walkthrough to successfully finish the quest.

A Complete Walkthrough of Baldur’s Gate 3 Avenge the Drowned Quest

Accepted from a grieving priestess at Wavemother’s Temple, Avenge the Drowned points you towards a vague search area on the map near the Lower City docks. But the game reveals little about where to look. In truth, the answers lie hidden underwater far below the surface.

Follow these steps to avenge the fallen and complete the quest:

  • First, enter Flymm Cargo just west of the Counting House. Pick the lock then defeat the wolves inside. Roll a perception check to find a corner hatch or search for it yourself. This leads to the basement and eventually an underwater submarine dock.
  • There you’ll meet Redhammer the Deviser and his submarine used for sinister purposes. Confront him on the murder of Holli to learn of the Iron Throne – an underwater prison where Gortash holds hostage Steel Watch Foundry family members.

  • Traveling there triggers Gortash’s threat to destroy the prison. But press on to save the prisoners and Archduke Ravengard while fending off aquatic foes. Act quickly before the timers expire to rescue who you can.
  • Returning topside after the explosion completes Avenge the Drowned. Inform the priestess of your deeds to receive a rare reward. Justice is served.

With our guide, you can now dive deep into Baldur’s Gate 3‘s most immersive and challenging vendetta. Plumb the murky depths and avenge the fallen. The secrets of the abyss await.