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How To Find All Blasphemous 2 Wax Seed Locations


Blasphemous 2 Wax Seed Locations

Finding all the Wax Seed locations in Blasphemous 2 can be tricky, so we’ve put together some helpful directions to help you locate each one.

How To Find All Blasphemous 2 Wax Seed Locations

The intricacies of Cesáreo’s quest demand precision and attention. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the locations for each of the six Wax Seeds:

Wax Seed 1

In the Aqueduct of the Costales, the wax seed is in the top-left chamber. Enter right, drop through the bridge, and use Scions’ Protection on ornaments to reach the platform.

Wax Seed 2

Once defeating Sinodo, Hymn of the Thousand Voices in the Severed Tower, go right from the boss room to the Repose of the Silent One. The traveling merchants Medardo and Escolástico here sell the first Wax Seed for 6,000 Tears of Atonement.

Wax Seed 3

From the Prie Dieu in Severed Tower, go down and left into the Labyrinth of Tides. Navigate the spikes using wall jumps, ornaments, and aerial dashes. The wax seed is at the end left of a mirror. Use Sarmiento & Centella on the mirror to exit.

Wax Seed 4

After getting the Ivy of Ascension ability to climb metal walls, go right of the City of the Blessed Name and climb the metal wall on the right side. Enter the door to find the giant arm Regina running a shop. Purchase the first Wax Seed here for 12,000 Tears of Atonement.

Wax Seed 5

Behind a shortcut gate on Grilles and Ruin’s right side, connected to Streets of Wakes. Double jump up using Passage of Ash, grapple ornaments with Scions’ Protection to reach the door on the right.

Wax Seed 6

From the lower-right flip point in Two Moons, go right to a locked shortcut gate. Follow down and dash through blue lasers. Hit the bell to create platforms, use mirrors and ornaments to reach the top and unlock the shortcut. Dash through lasers to get the final wax seed.

Once players have managed to collect all six cleverly concealed Wax Seeds, return to Cesáreo in Severed Tower to receive the Remembrance of Cesáreo key item. This can then be given to Montañés or Venerada in exchange for the invaluable Selfless Father figurine, which reduces the Fervour cost of Prayers by 25%. Happy hunting!