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How to find the Elusive Shady Arrancar in Peroxide

Shady Arrancar Peroxide
Images via Peroxide

If you’re on the journey of Vasto Lorde progression in the game Peroxide and seeking the elusive Shady Arrancar, your search ends here. This guide will illuminate the obscured location of this shadowy figure in both Karakura and Hueco Mundo.

How to find the Elusive Shady Arrancar in Peroxide

The Shady Arrancar is not found just anywhere; you can encounter him in two distinct locations – Karakura and Hueco Mundo. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to locating him in both areas:

Karakura Shady Arrancar

  1. Start in the city and head towards the pair of bridges connecting to Karakura. Cross the bridges.
  2. Follow the walkways separated by a low ivy fence leading to the street.
  3. Once on the street, proceed towards the back alley immediately to your left and enter.
  4. At the end of the alley, on one of the street corners, you’ll find the first Shady Arrancar sitting.


Hueco Mundo Shady Arrancar

  1. Start your search for the Shady Arrancar’s location in Hueco Mundo with the Vasto Lorde cave behind you as a starting point.
  2. During your journey through Hueco Mundo, prepare for challenging Hollow encounters by leveling up.
  3. As you reach the cave, follow these instructions to find the second Shady Arrancar:
    • Head straight and spot two large rocks; one is directly in front of you, and the other is slightly to the right. Pass between them diagonally.
    • Turn left to position the cave directly behind you and continue straight.
    • Keep an eye out for several yellow lights appearing to your right as you approach them.
    • Follow the path guided by the lights, leading you through a small town.
    • Upon entering the town, look to your right for a small restaurant or coffee shop with tables and stools in an open area. Adjacent to it, you’ll find a small alleyway leading to the Shady Arrancar.

What Does the Shady Arrancar Do?

Interacting with the Shady Arrancar is as simple as holding the ‘E’ key. Once engaged, he offers insights about your Hollow’s progress based on the number of kills you’ve achieved:

  • 0-100 kills: “Not a single bit of progress.”
  • 100-250 kills: “Not close, not close at all…”
  • 250-500 kills: “You have a really long road ahead of you… kid.”
  • 500-1000 kills: “You have a long road ahead of you… kid.”
  • 1000-1250 kills: “You’re getting close, that’s for sure.”
  • 1250-1600 kills: “You’re making some progress, keep going.”
  • 1600-1700 kills: “Almost there, just a little closer.”

Locating the Shady Arrancar is a pivotal moment for all aspiring Vasto Lordes in Peroxide. By following this guide, you’ll effortlessly locate him and gain the crucial insights you need to advance on your path.