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How to fix the “Name Currently Unavailable” error in League of Legends (LoL)


Name Currently Unavailable lol

In this article, we will address the “Name Currently Unavailable” error in League of Legends (LoL) and provide solutions to navigate through it.

How to fix the “Name Currently Unavailable” error in LoL

Understanding the error

The “Name Currently Unavailable” message appears when the desired summoner name is already taken by another player. League of Legends enforces a unique summoner name policy, ensuring that no two players can have the same name simultaneously.

When an account becomes inactive or is permanently banned, the associated summoner name is eventually released back into the pool of available names. However, there is a delay before the name becomes accessible again, resulting in the error message.

Resolving the error

  1. Be patient: The time it takes for a summoner name to become available again varies. Factors such as the length of inactivity, severity of the penalty applied to the account, and current demand for summoner names influence the duration. Stay patient and periodically check if the desired name becomes available.
  2. Modify the name: Consider adding variations or slight modifications to the desired name. This can include using alternate spellings, adding numbers, or changing letter cases to create a unique variation that is available. This way, you can still maintain a semblance of your preferred name while ensuring its uniqueness.
  3. Choose a different name: If the desired name remains consistently unavailable, it may be time to explore other creative and unique summoner names. League of Legends offers a vast array of possibilities, allowing you to find a name that represents your identity and style. Embrace the opportunity to discover a new and exciting summoner name.
  4. Respect Riot Games’ policies: It is important to respect Riot Games’ policies and avoid attempting to claim names that are inappropriate or violate any rules. Maintaining a positive and respectful gaming community is essential for the enjoyment and integrity of the game. Choose a name that adheres to the guidelines set by Riot Games.

The “Name Currently Unavailable” error in League of Legends can be frustrating when trying to secure your desired summoner name. However, by understanding the reasons behind the error and exploring alternative options, you can navigate through it successfully. Best of luck in claiming your desired name!