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How to Get the Knotted Armor Set in Remnant 2


Remnant 2 Knotted Armor Set

The Knotted Set is a heavyweight armor set in Remnant 2 that provides increased defenses and toxin resistance at the cost of mobility. Here’s how to get this unique root-infused gear:

How to Get the Knotted Armor Set in Remnant 2

There are two ways to obtain the Knotted Set:

1. Secret Summoner Archetype

Unlock the secret Summoner archetype to automatically start with the Knotted Set armor. This is the most straightforward route to obtaining the armor set, provided you have unlocked the Summoner class.

2. Crafting at Bloodmoon Altar in Yaesha

Craft the Knotted Set armor at a Bloodmoon Altar in Yaesha during a Blood Moon event. The Bloodmoon Altar is a unique crafting table for crafting special items and can be found on Yaesha during a Blood Moon.

  • Look for a large blue icon on your Yaesha map, indicating the location of the Bloodmoon Altar when a Blood Moon event is active.
  • Note that the Bloodmoon Altar can spawn in various locations on Yaesha during the event, including the Far Woods.

Gathering Blood Moon Essence

Before crafting the Knotted Set armor, you need to collect 25x Blood Moon Essence. This rare resource is obtained by shooting down Root Wisps, harmless flying enemies found on Yaesha during a Blood Moon event. Search for them primarily in the Far Woods and the Faithless Thicket areas.

Crafting the Knotted Set Armor

Once you’ve gathered 25x Blood Moon Essence, head to the Bloodmoon Altar on Yaesha during a Blood Moon event. Use this crafting table to create all the pieces of the Knotted Set armor. The crafting will require a total of 2,000 Scrap.

The Knotted Set excels in defense and durability. Its Toxin resistance shines against acid attacks in places like the Hive. It’s a true heavyweight set.

However, the tradeoff is 50% less mobility from reduced stamina while dodging. Move cautiously and retreat when maneuvering past enemies.

Overall, the Knotted Set is an excellent addition against lethal foes if you can compensate for the mobility drawback. With smart play, the heavy armor will get you through the most dangerous battles in Remnant 2.