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How to Lift the Shadow Curse

Lift the Shadow Curse Baldur's Gate 3
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The “Lift the Shadow Curse” quest chain in Baldur’s Gate 3  takes players on a journey to permanently lift the shadow curse during Act 2. Here is a complete walkthrough on how to start and complete this quest.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide: How to Lift the Shadow Curse

Start the Quest

To initiate the “Lift the Shadow Curse” quest, engage in a conversation with Halsin at your camp during Act 2. However, keep in mind that Halsin will only be present in camp if you rescued him during Act 1. Be vigilant and check back at camp until you encounter him.

Wake Up Art Cullagh

Halsin needs you to find Thaniel. Get his location from the catatonic Art Cullagh at the Last Light Inn.

Obtain Art’s Lute from Malus Thorm at the House of Healing and play it to wake Art. You can kill or persuade Malus to get the lute.

Bring Halsin to Art Cullagh

After waking up Art, he will express a desire to meet Halsin. Accompany Halsin to meet Art, and after their conversation, Halsin will instruct you to meet him at the lakeshore, a short distance north of the Last Light Inn.

Defend the Portal Until Halsin Returns

Prepare for a substantial battle at the lakeshore. Safeguard the portal against waves of enemies, using area-of-effect (AoE) and multi-target spells effectively. Success is crucial, as failure will lead to the deaths of Halsin and Thaniel, resulting in the quest’s failure.

Reunite Thaniel and Oliver

Once you successfully defend the portal, Halsin returns with Thaniel. Collect your rewards and converse with Halsin at camp. Thaniel reveals that Oliver, his missing half, must be located to truly lift the shadow curse.

Enter Oliver’s Shadow Portal

Oliver initially resists reuniting with Thaniel and enters a portal. Prepare for another encounter, and employ spells like Magic Missile to your advantage.

Break Through Oliver’s Nightdome

Within the portal, face Oliver and his shadowy family. Destroy Oliver’s Nightdome by defeating the shadow fiends. Use Magic Missile to efficiently eliminate enemies with 1 HP. After breaking the Nightdome, speak to Oliver and encourage him to reunite with Thaniel.

Enter Oliver’s Shadow Portal – Part 2

Oliver hesitates to reunite with Thaniel and enters another portal. Prepare for battle and follow Oliver through the portal. Unlike previous encounters, Halsin is not required in this fight.

Enter Oliver’s Nightdome

Inside the Nightdome, confront Oliver and his family once again. Oliver summons Shadow Fiends that are vulnerable to Magic Missile. Defeat the Nightdome’s defenders to reach Oliver.

Enter Shadowfell and Confront Ketheric Thorm

Pursue Oliver to the Shadowfell. Defend yourself against waves of enemies as you navigate through challenging battles. Confront Ketheric Thorm, who is the source of the shadow curse. Before you engage Ketheric, save Dame Aylin to assist in battle.

The Rematch with Ketheric Thorm

Engage in a rematch against Ketheric Thorm, this time aided by Dame Aylin. Focus on Ketheric Thorm and manage the threat of his abilities.

Defeat the Apostle of Myrkul

Confront the Apostle of Myrkul, the final boss of Act 2. Unleash your strongest attacks to defeat this formidable foe. Utilize tactics to counter the Bone Chill aura and the Finger of Death ability.

Gather Your Allies and Leave for Baldur’s Gate

As the shadow curse lifts, prepare to journey to Baldur’s Gate. Make sure to address any unfinished tasks, as this marks the end of Act 2. Set out on the road to Baldur’s Gate 3 to continue your adventure.