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How to Navigate the Glitch


Like a siren’s song gone awry, the “Make ‘Em Sing Quest Bug” in Palia lures players in only to leave them stranded and frustrated, unable to advance Tish’s rapport. Let’s delve into the details and explore how to deal with this issue.

Palia “Make ‘Em Sing” Quest Bug: How to Navigate the Glitch

The Quest Breakdown

The “Make ‘Em Sing” quest involves assisting Tish, a talented carpenter residing in Kilima village, in a quest for freedom. To unlock this quest, players must achieve Friendship Level 4 with Tish. The objective is to help Tish spy on Zeki, with the task of placing a Singing Stone, a unique device akin to a spying tool, in Zeki’s Bedroom drawer.

The Glitch: A Stumbling Block

Here’s where things go wrong. Upon entering Zeki’s room, there is no interactable drawer to place the stone, leaving players stuck and unable to progress. Forum posts complaining of this issue go back over a week, confirming it’s a consistent bug.

Relogging, restarting, or returning later does not seem to resolve it. Players are blocked from completing Tish’s questline and deepening their friendship.

Community Voices and Developer Response

The Palia Reddit community has been buzzing with frustrated players grappling with this glitch. Reports of the bug date back around ten days, with the latest confirmations being as recent as August 21. Despite attempts to relog and troubleshoot, the bug persists, leaving players in a state of limbo.

Thankfully, the developers of Palia are aware of this bug and are actively working to address it. Players can expect a future patch to rectify the issue and restore the smooth progression of the “Make ‘Em Sing” quest.

As of now, there seems to be no immediate workaround for this glitch. Players are advised to exercise patience and keep an eye out for updates from the Palia development team. The bug’s impact on the quest is a temporary setback, and once addressed, players can resume their cozy adventures and continue uncovering the secrets of Palia‘s charming world.