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How to Obtain “The Thing” Melee Weapon


jagged alliance 3 the thing

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to obtain and maximize the potential of a powerful melee weapon known as “The Thing” in Jagged Alliance 3.

Jagged Alliance 3: How to Obtain “The Thing” Melee Weapon

The detailed steps are listed below:

Step 1: Get the Mission from Boss Blaubert

To begin the journey towards obtaining “The Thing,” you must first visit Boss Blaubert in his mansion located in the sector adjacent to Fleatown to the south. Request a mission from him to initiate the process.

Step 2: Earn Boss Blaubert’s Trust

If Boss Blaubert is hesitant to offer you the mission, you’ll need to gain his trust. Help him resolve a love triangle issue, as requested. Once you’ve assisted him in this matter, he will be more inclined to provide you with the desired mission.

Step 3: Rescue a Prisoner from The Good Place

Boss Blaubert’s mission involves rescuing a prisoner from The Good Place, a prison located in sector L6, west-southwest of Port Cacao. Prepare for a challenging encounter with numerous guards, including the warden himself.

Step 4: Clear the Area and Speak to the Warden

Eliminate all hostiles in The Good Place to create a safe environment for negotiation. Proceed with caution within the main building, as the melee guards pose a significant threat. After securing the area, approach the warden to initiate a conversation.

Step 5: Make a Deal or Eliminate the Warden

During your conversation with the warden, you’ll have the choice to make a deal or execute him. Opting for a deal allows the warden to bring up any prisoner you desire. Instruct him to bring Luigi. Alternatively, if you choose to eliminate the warden, he may drop an AA-12 shotgun with burst fire mode.

Step 6: Locate Luigi and Speak with Him

If you decide to make a deal and the warden brings Luigi, head to the underground sector accessible behind the office. Engage in combat with additional guards until the area is clear. Once cleared, free Luigi and engage in a conversation with him and his bodyguard, who will mention “The Thing.” They will set out to confront Boss Blaubert.

Step 7: Assist Boss Blaubert and Claim “The Thing”

Return to Boss Blaubert’s location where a standoff awaits between him and Luigi, accompanied by his bodyguard and prisoner escorts. Choose to support Boss Blaubert in the confrontation. Witness Boss Blaubert and his forces eliminate Luigi and his companions. After the skirmish, loot the bodyguard, and “The Thing” machete will be yours.

The Thing is a powerful machete capable of cutting down bushes. It boasts the best strength scaling in the game, making it essential for a character with significant strength. However, remember to also prioritize high dexterity for improved precision and high agility for increased Action Points (AP).

There you have it; that’s all there is to getting this meele weapon in Jagged Alliance 3.