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How to Perform a Deadly Takedown in Final Fantasy 16


Final Fantasy 16 Deadly Takedown

In this guide, we will guide you through each step to successfully execute a deadly takedown in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 – How to Perform a Deadly Takedown

To execute a deadly takedown, you must first acquire the ability from Garuda. Defeating her in battle unlocks this special move. Once you have access to Garuda’s abilities, your focus should shift to the enemy’s will gauge. Keep in mind that this gauge appears as a yellow bar beneath the health bar of tougher adversaries, including minibosses and bosses.

Follow these steps to perform a deadly takedown:

  • Engage the enemy in combat and launch your attacks to lower their will gauge. Your objective is to bring the gauge down to the halfway point.
  • As the enemy stumbles from their partially broken will, seize the opportunity to execute the deadly takedown. Press the circle button at the right moment to activate the Deadly Embrace ability.

Upon successfully triggering the deadly takedown, a captivating cutscene unfolds. Clive grapples the enemy with Deadly Embrace, forcefully bringing them to the ground. This action inflicts damage and momentarily stuns the foe, providing you with an opportunity to unleash a series of melee attacks for additional damage. Although it may not fully stagger the enemy, the deadly takedown can still be a valuable tactic in your arsenal.

It’s worth noting that certain abilities, such as Wicked Wheel, Rook’s Gambit, Aerial Blast, and Windup, can expedite the process of breaking an enemy’s will gauge.

If you require additional practice to perfect your timing and execution, visit the Arete Stone and activate the training mode. This will allow you to refine your deadly takedown technique. Remember, this maneuver exclusively affects larger enemies, while weaker foes will experience the standard effects of the Deadly Embrace ability.

With this knowledge in hand, venture forth into the captivating world of Final Fantasy 16 and unleash the power of deadly takedowns to overcome your adversaries. May your combat prowess shine brightly as you master this powerful maneuver and embark on epic adventures.