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How to Quickly Gather and Upgrade Your Gear


Best Remnant 2 Iron Farming Methods

If you want to know the best Remnant 2 iron farming methods for upgrading your equipment, this guide will provide expert tips on the fastest ways to acquire iron at all tiers.

Types of Iron in Remnant 2

There are four different tiers of Iron in Remnant 2, each serving a specific purpose in the gear upgrading process:

  1. Iron: Used for levels 1-5 upgrades.
  2. Forged Iron: Required for levels 6-10 upgrades.
  3. Galvanized Iron: Needed for levels 11-15 upgrades.
  4. Hardened Iron: The final tier, used for levels 16-20 upgrades.

Best Remnant 2 Iron Farming Methods

If you’re eager to gather Iron efficiently in Remnant 2, follow these effective methods:

  • Open Chests: Explore every biome and dungeon to find chests that drop Iron according to your currently equipped gear’s level. Follow the yellow dots on the map and open every chest you encounter, as they almost always contain Iron.

  • Purchase from Cass the Scrap Merchant: Cass, your partner from the game’s tutorial, sells Iron in Ward 13. She restocks her inventory periodically, updating it to match your weapons’ levels. Buying Iron from her is cost-effective, particularly when upgrading multiple weapons or leveling weaker ones.

  • Load New Areas with High-Level Gear: Be mindful of your equipment’s level when transitioning to new areas. Drops in an area scale with your gear’s level, so if you level up your equipment to the next tier before entering a new area, it increases the chances of higher-tier Iron, such as Galvanized Iron, spawning as drops and chest loot.

How to Obtain Hardened Iron

Hardened Iron, the final tier of Iron in Remnant 2, should naturally spawn in your game as your gear reaches higher levels. However, in some cases, it may not appear if you’ve already explored all biomes without leveling all your weapons to 15+. To address this issue, consider these two solutions:

  • Join a Friend’s World: Join a friend’s world where both of you have high-level gear to trigger the spawning of Hardened Iron.
  • Reroll Your Campaign: Reroll your campaign to reset biomes and trigger material spawns again, ensuring Hardened Iron becomes available.

Using these tips on finding and farming iron, you’ll be able to rapidly stock up on this vital Remnant 2 upgrade resource. Maximize your gear levels and farm efficiently!