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How to Save the Gondians, Duke Ravengard, and Recruit Minsc in Baldur’s Gate 3

Minsc Baldur's Gate 3
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In this guide, we will walk you through the key choices required in Baldur’s Gate 3 to rescue the captive Gondians and add Minsc to your party, gaining valuable allies for the final battle against the Elder Brain.

How to Save the Gondians and Gain Allies in Baldur’s Gate 3

Starting the Quest

You can begin the quest to save the Gondians by speaking to Zanner Toobin, a Gondian working as a captive in the Steel Watch Foundry. Zanner will ask you to free his people rather than destroying the foundry itself. Agreeing will start you on the path to the Iron Throne dungeon.

Gaining access to the foundry can be difficult. Using skills like Fly or Invisibility can let you sneak or fly in through the roof rather than the front gate. Just make sure not to bring your full party if using stealth.

Reaching the Underwater Iron Throne Prison

The Iron Throne prison itself is underwater, so you’ll need help getting there. Seek out Redhammer the Deviser, who runs a submersible used to transport prisoners. You can either persuade him to help willingly or blackmail him to cooperate.

Either way, he will take you there, though the prison’s commander Gortash will collapse the entire structure, giving you limited time to save the captives.

Rescuing the Gondians

Once inside, you’ll need to act quickly to open cells and clear enemies, rescuing as many prisoners as possible within 8 turns before time runs out.

The prison wings are straightforward, so send your fastest characters to each one. If alive, Grand Duke Ravengard can be found here too. Make sure to heal and protect him as you escape.

Freeing prisoners is the top priority. Have them rush to the submersible while you clear their path of foes. Getting Ravengard out alive benefits you later as well.

When Mizora appears, she will try to kill the Duke with spiders despite his submission. Make sure he can survive the damage, then have him dash to the submersible.


Once aboard with the captives, you’ll head to shore. Depending on your dealings with the Waveservants, you may be confronted by them. Handing over Redhammer may appease them.

Regardless, Zanner and the rescued Gondians will now help you destroy the Steel Watch Foundry. If you saved the Duke as well, he’ll pledge his service against the Elder Brain. Making the right choices here gains you powerful allies.

How to Save and Recruit Minsc in Baldur’s Gate 3

Where to Find Minsc

After speaking with Jaheira and Nine-Fingers Keene at the Guildhall, you learn Minsc is the Stone Lord – a criminal doing the bidding of the Absolute.

Progress Jaheira’s High Harper quest to learn of the ambush plot at the Counting House. Get past the vault puzzle to witness the ambush, which fails since Minsc has a tadpole controlling him with a fake Jaheira.

You’ll learn Minsc has been plotting in the sewers, which is your next destination.

Reaching the Sewers and Solving the Sluice Gate Puzzle

Access the Lower City Sewers through Keene’s office, a sewer grate, or ladders. Minsc is in the western section. Go to the Abandoned Cistern and open the Sluice Gate using water and temperature valves:

  • Click the water valve once and wait for it to rise
  • When it does, click the temperature valve once – time it so both gauges reach optimal levels together
  • This may take some trial and error, but the gate will open

Beyond the gate, you’ll find Minsc with the fake Jaheira and a Zhentarim. Dialogue ensues then combat begins.

How to Save Minsc

Focus attacks on Jaheira first until she’s dead. The Zhentarim will flee. Next, whittle down Minsc’s health below 5 without killing him. Use a non-lethal blow skill like Gale or Astarion’s to incapacitate Minsc.

Minsc Baldur's Gate 3 1

After the fight, tell Minsc you only killed a fake Jaheira to calm him down. He’ll then start chasing Boo the hamster – follow him until he’s ready to join your party!

That’s everything you need to know to save the Gondians, Duke Ravengard, and Minsc in Baldur’s Gate 3.