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How to Unlock the Hidden Plinth in Imperial Gardens


Remnant 2 Imperial Gardens Plinth

If you’re struggling to uncover the hidden plinth tucked away in the Imperial Gardens area in Remnant 2, then this guide is for you. Read on for a complete guide to finding and unlocking the plinth’s secrets.

Remnant 2: How to Unlock the Hidden Plinth in Imperial Gardens

Finding the Plinth in the Gardens

The plinth is located in a central building within the labyrinth area of Imperial Garden. The building sits at the heart of the maze, with winding paths and gaps surrounding it. Venture through the maze, keeping an eye out for climbable surfaces, until you arrive at the central structure.

Deciphering the Symbols

Within this building you’ll find a plinth with four circles, each adorned with cryptic symbols. The arrangement of these symbols holds the key to unveiling the hidden passage and the ladder leading to a room beneath the plinth.

Follow these steps to align the symbols correctly:

  1. Place a symbol resembling a vial on the first and largest circle.
  2. On the second circle, position a symbol that looks like the letter “M” facing upwards.
  3. The third circle requires a symbol resembling deer antlers.
  4. Finally, on the last and smallest circle, place a symbol similar to the roof of a house.

Refer to the accompanying image for the correct order.

With the combination entered correctly, a hidden passage will open, containing a ladder down to the plinth’s secret reward – an excellently crafted crossbow ideal for long-range combat.

With this guide, you can now venture into the Imperial Gardens with confidence, ready to unravel its secrets and claim the concealed treasure that awaits. May your exploration be fruitful and your discoveries abundant as you uncover the mysteries that lie within Remnant 2. Happy hunting!