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Jagged Alliance 3 Guide – How to recruit Smiley


recruit Jagged Alliance 3 Smiley

In this article, we provide a guide on how to recruit Smiley in Jagged Alliance 3, along with tips to navigate the process. We also address bugs related to Smiley and offer potential solutions.

Jagged Alliance 3 Guide – How to recruit Smiley

To start the mission to recruit Smiley, head to Pantagruel Slums and speak with Maman. Ask her about Mollie’s kidnapping to initiate the quest. Investigate the nearby bathhouse, then proceed to the upper floor of the brothel and finally reach the roof. You’ll discover that Mollie wasn’t kidnapped. At this point, you will be instructed to speak to the priest in Fleatown La Bou, but hold off on doing so for now.

Before proceeding, it’s advisable to visit Boss Blaubert’s mansion and pick up his quest to rescue Luigi from The Good Place. Complete this quest, and Luigi will express his desire to confront Blaubert. Return to the mansion and tell Blaubert that you will support him but only intervene when his life is in direct danger. Ensure that his guards suffer as many casualties as possible.

Next, go to Fleatown La Bou and speak with the priest, informing him that you know he is hiding Smiley. This will lead you to a hidden room where you will be ambushed by approximately 11 gang members. Eliminate them, and Smiley will attempt to execute the priest. To save the priest’s life, you must pass a challenging Leadership check.

Following this, Smiley will leave to confront Blaubert at his house. This will be a tough fight due to the large number of guards, so it is recommended to bring two squads to the confrontation. While full squads are not necessary, eight mercenaries should suffice on normal difficulty.

During the fight, prioritize killing enemies that pose a threat to Smiley as he tends to position himself in the midst of danger and may miss close-range shots, leaving himself vulnerable.

Upon successfully completing the fight, Mollie will leave, and Smiley can be recruited. However, be aware that Smiley’s stats are not particularly impressive, with high marksmanship and strength but low dexterity, making him unreliable in both melee and ranged combat. Additionally, his special ability can cause fatigue, exhaustion, or even render him unconscious, depending on its usage before resting.

Smiley Quest Bug and How to Fix It

Unfortunately, some players have encountered bugs related to Smiley in Jagged Alliance 3. Two notable issues have been reported:

  1. Bug during a fight in a church: If Smiley, the controlled character, gets knocked out, the game may become unresponsive and freeze. This bug is difficult to avoid as Smiley lacks the ability to take cover effectively in challenging situations.
  2. Bug during a boss fight: After successfully resolving the situation peacefully and convincing Smiley to release the girl, the game unexpectedly restarts the conversation. This time, it only allows the violent option, contrary to what should occur.

To work around these bugs, it is advisable to create backup save files before entering these situations. This precautionary measure will allow you to revert to a previous save if you encounter similar issues.