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Leaked Characters for Patch 4.0


genshin impact 4.0 characters

Get ready for the highly anticipated release of Genshin Impact Patch 4.0 as Fontaine brings a host of new characters and exciting updates to the game. While there won’t be a Patch 3.9, players can look forward to the debut of Lyney and other intriguing characters in the upcoming release.

No Genshin Impact Patch 3.9: Leaked Characters for Patch 4.0

While Patch 3.9 may not be happening, there is a list of leaked characters that have been circulating. Additionally, we have received official glimpses of upcoming characters, including Lyney, Lynette, Charlotte, Arlecchino, and more. According to leaks, Lyney is expected to make her debut in Patch 4.0 alongside Yelan and Tartaglia (Childe) as the rerun characters.

Here are some details on the upcoming characters:

  • Arlecchino: A five-star Pyro Sword character.
  • Charlotte: A four-star Cryo Catalyst character.
  • Chiori: A five-star unknown character.
  • Clorinde: A five-star unknown character.
  • Dahlia: A four-star Hydro Catalyst character.
  • Freminet: A four-star Cryo Claymore character.
  • Furina: A five-star Hydro Sword character.
  • Lion Dance: A four-star unknown character.
  • Lynette: A four-star Anemo Sword character.
  • Lyney: A five-star Pyro Bow character.
  • M: A four-star unknown character.
  • Mummy Girl: A four-star Hydro Bow character.
  • Navia: A five-star Geo character.
  • Neuvilette: A five-star Hydro Catalyst character.
  • Sertice: A four-star Sword character.
  • Skirk: An unknown rarity Sword character.
  • Waghild: A five-star Hydro character.
  • Wriothesley: A five-star Cryo Polearm character.

While it’s surprising that only one new 5-star character is expected in Fontaine’s debut patch, this has happened before. In Patch 3.0, Tighnari was the sole new 5-star character, while Dori and Collei made their debut as new 4-star units.

Keep in mind that some of the highly anticipated characters may not debut until Patch 4.1 or later, giving you time to save up for characters like the Hydro Archon, Arlecchino, and Clorinde. Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting characters in Genshin Impact.