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Location, How to defat, and Rewards


Remnant 2 Huntress Boss

How do you beat the Remnant 2 Huntress boss? This mounted warrior waits for you in Losomn, and she’ll likely be part of a main quest in the region. Our guide discusses the Huntress boss’ abilities, rewards, and alternate kill method.

Where to find the Huntress in Remnant 2

The Huntress can be encountered in the Losmn: Forsaken Quarter location, as part of the Nightweaver questline. Players will be automatically transported to this area after interacting with Nimue.

Strategoe for defeating the Huntress in Remnant 2

1. Normal Mode

Your journey may vary due to dynamic campaign progression, but one approach is to climb a ladder to a wooden platform upon reaching the Forsaken Quarter. From this vantage point, you can shoot the Huntress from above, keeping an eye out for her Spirit Spear attack. Be prepared for her to run off, resetting her aggro and health and adding an additional challenge to the fight.

2. Alternate Method

For an alternate kill method, you can use the Dreamcatcher to take down the Huntress. There are two ways to do this:

  • First Run: If you haven’t acquired the Dreamcatcher yet, proceed with the main quest until you obtain the weapon. Then return to the Forsaken Quarter and use the Dreamcatcher on the sleeping Huntress.
  • Adventure Mode: If you’ve already defeated her without the Dreamcatcher, do an Adventure Mode run, starting in Losomn: Morrow Parish to activate the Nightweaver main quest. Continue until you encounter the sleeping Huntress under the archway. Use the Dreamcatcher on her to teleport to Briella’s Reverie, where the battle continues.

In Briella’s Reverie, find a ladder that the Huntress can’t reach, and use this advantage to cheese the battle. Ranged attacks and careful positioning can keep you safe while dealing with her Spirit Spear attacks.


The rewards for defeating the Huntress boss can be one of two valuable items. If you defeated her in the physical world, you’ll receive the Venerated Spearhead, which can be used to craft the formidable Huntress Spear. On the other hand, if you beat her in the dream world, you’ll be rewarded with the Sacred Hunt Feather, allowing you to craft the potent Familiar mod.

With this guide, you’re equipped to face the Huntress in Remnant 2, armed with strategies to emerge victorious. Whether you opt for the conventional battle or the alternative approach, your reward awaits in the form of potent weaponry and the Faerie Familiar’s aid. Take on this challenging boss and claim victory in the dark and mysterious world of Remnant 2!