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Mastering Sonny in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Sonny Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Images via Gun Interactive

Sonny may look soft and squishy in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, but this brainy student has some solid tricks up his sleeve. With the right build and strategy, Sonny can be an invaluable scout and escapologist for any team.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Sonny Guide – Mastering the Unconventional Survivor

Understanding Sonny’s Profile

Sonny stands out as a character that demands strategic finesse to excel with. His distinct attributes and abilities make him a challenging survivor to master, but with the right tactics, he can become an asset to your team.


Despite his vulnerability, Sonny’s task-oriented attributes make him a strong contender when played skillfully. Here’s a recommended attribute progression strategy:

  • Invest a minimum of 10 points in toughness initially to mitigate his vulnerability.
  • Allocate 10 points to proficiency to bring core attributes to 35.
  • Further enhance attributes based on your preferred playstyle—more proficiency and strength for tasks, or toughness and endurance for resilience.


While Sonny’s toughness may leave much to be desired, his strength lies in his other attributes. Let’s break down his key stats:

  • Toughness: Sonny’s weakest attribute at a mere 15, making him susceptible to quick eliminations.
  • Stealth: With a low stealth rating of 15, Sonny is less adept at evading threats.
  • Endurance and Strength: Both of these attributes are solidly rated at 35, granting Sonny an ample stamina pool and the ability to handle physical tasks.
  • Proficiency: At 25, Sonny possesses decent dexterity and skill, making him versatile in various tasks.

Unique Ability

Images via Gun Interactive

Sonny’s ability, Heightened Senses, serves as his defining feature:

  • Detect nearby noises, pinpointing the source and tracking movement.
  • Communicating effectively with your team can turn Sonny into an invaluable scout, enhancing your team’s situational awareness.

Optimal Perks

Sonny’s perks lean toward task completion and information relay. These perks align well with his scouting abilities, making him an adept information gatherer and support character.

  • Meter Reader: Reveals generator usage by Family members and highlights both the generator and the member. Ideal for strategic planning and navigation.
  • Radar Detector: Provides a five-second window to see all killers on the map when Grandpa uses his Sonar ability. Use this information to coordinate escapes and routes.
  • Tae Kwon Door: Stunning Family members for 12-16 seconds when slamming a door in their face offers an excellent survival advantage.

Mastering Sonny’s gameplay in Texas Chain Saw Massacre necessitates strategic attribute progression and adept perk selection. While he may be squishy, his ability to gather intelligence and adapt to various tasks can pave the way to triumphant escapes and thrilling victories.