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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Ixia Hero Guide: Best Emblem, Spells, and Build


Mobile Legends Ixia best build

In this Mobile Legends guide, we will delve into the best emblem set, spells, and build for Ixia, along with valuable tips and tricks to dominate every game with this powerful hero.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Ixia Hero Guide: Best Emblem

To maximize Ixia’s potential in the Gold lane, it is recommended to use the Custom Marksman Emblem alongside a Talent that complements your gameplay.

Here are the suggested Emblem/Talent setups for Ixia:

  • Bargain Hunter/Pull Yourself Together: Bargain Hunter reduces the price of equipment, making it easier to purchase items and gain an advantage. Pull Yourself Together reduces the cooldown of battle spells and equipment active skills by 15%, resulting in lower cooldowns for spells like Inspire or equipment like Wind of Nature.
  • Swift: This talent provides extra attack speed, which is particularly useful for early game farming and establishing dominance.
  • Weakness Finder/Quantum Charge: Weakness Finder offers a high chance to reduce enemies’ movement and attack speed. Quantum Charge provides a movement speed boost and regeneration on dealing damage with basic attacks within a short period, further enhancing Ixia’s regeneration from her passive.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Ixia Hero Guide: Best Build

Ixia relies on fast attack speed to burst down enemies effectively. The Attack Speed Trinity Build is highly recommended, consisting of Demon Hunter Sword, Corrosion Scythe, and Golden Staff. Here’s the suggested build template:

  • Corrosion Scythe: This item is crucial, providing additional attack speed and a unique passive that slows down enemies.
  • Demon Hunter Sword: This item grants extra attack speed and some lifesteal. Its unique passive deals additional damage based on the enemy’s HP, making it effective against high HP Tank or Fighter heroes.
  • Golden Staff: Completing this item grants additional attack speed and disables critical damage. Its unique passive buffs the passives of attack equipment like Demon Hunter Sword and Corrosion Scythe, triggering them every 3x basic attacks.
  • Malefic Roar: This item provides the necessary Physical Damage Penetration to burst down enemy targets effectively.
  • Rose Gold Meteor (optional): If the main threat among the enemy team deals Burst Magic Damage, consider this item for added protection.
  • Swift Boots: Start with these boots for early game extra attack speed.
  • Wind of Nature (optional): If facing high Burst Physical Damage Assassins or Marksmen, consider using this item to gain an advantage and ensure durability during encounters.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Ixia Hero Guide: Best Battle Spells

As a Marksman Hero with high Burst Damage and Regen potential, two recommended battle spells for Ixia are:

  • Flicker: Flicker enables Ixia to reposition herself, especially when using skills like her ultimate ability, which restricts movement. It provides valuable mobility and escape options in critical situations.
  • Inspire: This spell greatly enhances the next few basic attacks while providing extra basic attack regeneration. It synergizes well with Ixia’s playstyle and allows her to deal massive damage.

By utilizing the recommended emblem set, spells, and builds outlined in this Mobile Legends guide, players can maximize Ixia’s effectiveness and pave their way to victory. Remember to adapt to the game’s dynamics and continuously improve your gameplay to unleash the full potential of this formidable Marksman hero.