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Peroxide Resurrection Tier List – Best Resurrection & Segunda

Peroxide Resurrection Tier List
Images via Peroxide

When Hollows in Peroxide become Arrancars, they gain access to powerful Resurrection abilities and Segunda Etapa buffs. However, not all Resurrections are created equal. This tier list provides an overview and tier ranking of the top Resurrection elements in Peroxide to help players make the best selection.

Peroxide Resurrection Tier List

When a Hollow becomes an Arrancar, their Resurrection and resulting Segunda skills depend on the element they acquire. We’ve categorized the current rarities into S, A, and B tiers:

Tier Resurrections
S Manifest, Chaos
A Music, Beast, Astra
B Vessel, Acceleration

Best Resurrection and Segunda in Peroxide

Images via Peroxide

Manifest Resurrection

  • Move 1 – Curtain Call: Summon a bolt-action sniper rifle. This move scales with Spirit.
  • Move 2 – Blade Storm: Create blades from the ground that launch your target into the air. This move scales with Spirit.
  • Move 3 – Manifest Crash: Manifest a motorcycle from your mind and ram enemies with it. This move scales with Spirit and Strength.

Manifest Segunda

  • Buffs Strength by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Vitality by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Spirit by 20% (1.2x)
  • Manifest has domain-specific passives, including shield upon blocking, ak-47 on knockback, and more.
  • Grabbing an orb from your dimension provides a random un-equipped Ability from your Arsenal.
  • Move 1 – Spiralling Abyss of Brilliance “Warp nearby players into your mind, gaining control over their abilities.

Chaos Resurrection

  • Move 1- Sickle of Destruction: Summon a scythe of pure destruction, creating a chaos pillar upon contact.
  • Move 2 – Chaos Energy: Focus chaotic energy, increasing health and damage. Buffs player at higher mastery.
  • Move 3 – Chaos Blaster: Form a chaotic energy ball, pulling targets in before exploding. Faster at higher mastery.

Chaos Segunda

  • Buffs Spirit by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Vitality by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Agility by 20% (1.2x)
  • Chaos’ passive enhances Spirit and offers minor dual Mouse 1 damage scaling.
  • Move 1: CHAOS FLASH “Release inner chaos, emitting a beam demolishing everything in its path.”

In Peroxide, your choice of Resurrection greatly influences your combat style. Consider the attributes and advantages of each Resurrection and Segunda as you strategize your battles. Choose wisely and harness the power of your chosen Resurrection to dominate your foes.