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Pokemon Go Dark Flames Event: Choose Your Path Wisely


Pokemon Go Dark Flames Event path

Dark-type or Fire-type, which path you should choose in the Pokemon Go Dark Flames event ? Read on to find out.

Pokemon Go Dark Flames Event: Choose Your Path Wisely – Dark-type or Fire-type?

Dark-type Path

Opting for the Dark-type path in the Dark Flames Timed Research will lead you to encounters with Carvanha, Sneasel, and Scraggy. These exclusive rewards present a unique opportunity to stock up on Candy, Stardust, and other valuable items, making it an excellent choice for trainers looking to evolve or power up Dark-type Pokémon for both PvP and PvE battles.

Additionally, using Incense during the event will attract more Dark-type Pokémon, assisting you in completing various tasks that involve catching, evolving, and powering up these shadowy creatures.

Fire-type Path

Alternatively, trainers can embark on the Fire-type path, which offers Slugma, Alolan Marowak, and Darumaka encounters as exclusive rewards. For those seeking to strengthen their Fire-type Pokémon roster, this path provides ample resources to evolve and power up Pokémon, preparing them for intense PvP battles or challenging Raid Battles.

Similar to the Dark-type path, using Incense during the event attracts more Fire-type Pokémon, aiding in the completion of tasks related to catching, powering up, and taking snapshots of these fiery creatures.

Choosing the Best Path

While the ultimate decision is entirely up to your personal preferences and goals, we recommend the Dark-type path for the Dark Flames Timed Research. This path grants you encounters with Sneasel and Scraggy, both of which have powerful evolutions—Weavile and Scrafty. These evolved forms are sought-after Pokémon for both PvP and PvE battles, offering significant advantages in Raid Battles and competitive leagues like Great and Ultra League.

On the other hand, the Fire-type path offers the chance to encounter Alolan Marowak and Darumaka. Alolan Marowak is a solid choice for the Great League, while Darumaka’s evolution, Darmanitan, is a top-tier Fire-type attacker for Raid Battles. If your preference leans more toward Fire-type Pokémon and strengthening your Great League team, this path might be the ideal one for you.

Remember, both paths offer valuable rewards and challenges, so make your choice wisely before the event concludes on July 2, 2023.