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“Punish the Wicked” Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3


Punish the Wicked Baldur's Gate 3

Making choices in the shadow-laden realm of Baldur’s Gate 3 isn’t always black and white, and the “Punish the Wicked” quest epitomizes this moral complexity. Should you align yourself with He Who Was or Madeline? As you venture through the enigmatic Shadow Cursed Lands, this decision holds both consequences and dilemmas.

Choosing Sides: “Punish the Wicked” Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

Unveiling the Quest

To initiate the “Punish the Wicked” quest, head to the Waning Moon tavern in Reithwin Town, southwest of your current position with He Who Was. Inside, a barmaid named Thisobald Thorm serves less-than-savory drinks. Regardless of whether you choose to end Thisobald’s life or spare it, you’ll discover Madeline’s ledger in a cabinet near the bar. This ledger seemingly holds damning details of Madeline’s alleged crimes.

The Dual Perspectives

Upon reading the ledger, a different tale emerges—one of a tragic accident caused by two drunk and unruly men. This revelation propels you into a decision-making dilemma. Taking the ledger to He Who Was, you’ll have the opportunity to hear Madeline’s perspective as he channels her spirit during a ritual.

Madeline’s narrative unravels: She reported the two men to the Dark Justiciar, unaware that her actions would lead to their deaths. Fearful for her life upon learning of the murders, she fled. The choice now lies in your hands—should you spare Madeline, condemn her, or pursue a more sinister route?

The Crossroads

  • Sparing Madeline: If your moral compass guides you toward compassion or you believe Madeline’s account, sparing her will ignite He Who Was’ fury, prompting a heated confrontation.
  • Condemning Madeline: Opting to deliver judgment, you can tell Madeline that she deserves punishment. This choice, too, creates ripples in the unfolding narrative.
  • A Twisted Solution: Alternatively, you can instruct Madeline to replicate the gruesome fate that befell the two men. Instructing her to stab herself mirrors the method of their demise. This decision leads to a truly dramatic conclusion—one that doesn’t just affect Madeline but also He Who Was.

Guided by Morality

While your choices ultimately define your path, a morally inclined character or one empathetic to Madeline’s plight might lean towards sparing her and challenging He Who Was’ dominion. Alternatively, if you seek an impactful ending that twists the narrative, directing Madeline’s fate toward her own self-inflicted harm and subsequently He Who Was’ downfall might be more appealing.

In the complex tapestry of Baldur’s Gate 3, the “Punish the Wicked” quest demonstrates that choices echo beyond the immediate situation, weaving into the intricate fabric of the game’s world. As you navigate these turbulent decisions, remember that each step shapes not only the story but also your own journey within it.

Remember, in Baldur’s Gate 3, no path is straightforward, and the most compelling story arcs often emerge from the shadows of ambiguity.