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Ranking the Best Heroes for Victory (June 2023)


If you ready to dominate the arena in Crash Team Rumble, then our comprehensive tier list with all the best heroes in the game is not something you want to miss.

Crash Team Rumble Tier List (June 2023)

Here is our preliminary tier list for Crash Team Rumble:

Tier Hero
S Crash
A Tawna, Coco
B Dingodile, Dr. Neo Cortex
C Catbat
D Dr. N.Brio, Dr. N.Tropy

Best Heroes in Crash Team Rumble

When considering the best hero in Crash Team Rumble, Crash, the iconic bandicoot himself, takes the top spot. It comes as no surprise, as Crash is a well-balanced and versatile character, making him accessible to players of all skill levels.

As a Scorer, Crash excels at collecting large amounts of Wumpa Fruit and depositing them in the score zone with remarkable speed. Utilizing his platforming moves, Crash can traverse ledges, earning Gems that provide stat boosts, and break crates to gather additional Wumpa Fruit.

However, Crash’s combat abilities are relatively weak, with his base spin move causing minimal damage to enemies’ HP bars. Therefore, when playing as Crash in Crash Team Rumble, it is advisable to avoid combat whenever possible and focus on scoring for your team.

As of now, other player roles, such as Blockers and Boosters, are not as effective. Blockers like Dingodile lack significant combat strength, and Boosters like Coco, who enhance the stats of other characters, struggle to hold their ground when it comes to scoring.

It’s important to mention that this tier list may evolve as new heroes are introduced and balance adjustments are made in post-launch patches. However, it can serve as a valuable resource to help you determine which characters to utilize in combat and which ones you should aim to unlock next.

Remember that finding the hero that suits your playstyle and preferences is essential for an enjoyable experience in Crash Team Rumble. Explore the different characters, experiment with their abilities, and aim for teamwork to secure victory in the exhilarating world of Crash Bandicoot’s MOBA adventure.