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Ranking the Top 9 Vehicles in GTA History



Best GTA Vehicles

From sports cars to fighter jets, the Grand Theft Auto games have given players access to some of the most memorable vehicles in gaming. Get ready to take a look at the 9 Best GTA Vehicles which represent the premier, most memorable selections across every GTA title.

The 9 Best GTA Vehicles Throughout the Series

With GTA V reigning as the most popular title in the franchise, it’s no surprise that this game dominates our list of the top 9 GTA vehicles of all time. These vehicles offer not just speed and power but also a sense of exhilarating mayhem that has become synonymous with GTA’s open-world experience.

Buzzard Attack Chopper (GTA V): Taking to the skies in this armed helicopter offers a tactical advantage, proving incredibly useful for missions and creating mayhem with its agility and formidable firepower.

Best GTA Vehicles 1

Deluxo (GTA Vice City, GTA V): Drawing inspiration from “Back to the Future’s” DeLorean, the Deluxo adds a sci-fi twist, granting the ability to fly using hover technology.

Hydra (GTA San Andreas, GTA V): As a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) jet, the Hydra seamlessly blends speed and maneuverability with its devastating firepower, making it a deadly adversary in the sky.

Zentorno (GTA V): A high-performance supercar, the Zentorno is renowned for its blistering top speed, impeccable handling, and striking design. As the epitome of luxury and speed combined, it remains a top choice for thrill-seekers and car enthusiasts alike.

Infernus (Various GTA titles): A recurring high-performance sports car, the Infernus sports a distinct wedge-shaped design, solidifying its status as a symbol of speed and luxury in the GTA universe.

Kuruma (GTA V): For players seeking enhanced protection during missions and heists, the Kuruma is the go-to choice, providing excellent armored shielding.

Oppressor Mk II (GTA V): Embrace the future with this rocket-powered hoverbike, armed with powerful missiles. Ideal for swiftly traversing the map and swiftly neutralizing enemies.

Rhino Tank (Various GTA titles): For those craving mayhem, the Rhino Tank stands as the ultimate choice, boasting heavy armor and devastating weaponry, leaving destruction in its wake.

Entity XF (GTA V): Another entrant in the supercar category, the Entity XF impresses with its speed, agility, and responsive handling, delivering an exhilarating driving experience.

It’s essential to remember that while GTA vehicles offer thrilling driving experiences in the virtual world, they are often associated with criminal activities. In the real world, safe and responsible driving should always be prioritized. So, embrace the thrill and chaos of the GTA universe responsibly, ensuring that the excitement remains confined to the virtual realm. Enjoy the ride!