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Remnant 2 Guide – How to Unlock the Resonance Trait

Resonance Trait Remnant 2
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Unlocking the Resonance trait in Remnant 2 takes a bit of work, but the payoff is worth it. Follow this guide to learn where to find the Dormant N’Erudian Facility and how to initiate the Purge to get this powerful aura-boosting multiplayer trait for yourself.

Remnant 2 Guide – How to Unlock the Resonance Trait

First, you’ll need to locate the Dormant N’Erudian Facility in the N’Erud region. This area randomly spawns, so you may need to reroll a few times until it appears. Enter with a friend when you find it.

Once inside, head down the ledge and run left along the pipe to find an entrance. Go straight ahead, turn left at the corner, and continue until you see the elevator. Take it up to the facility’s control room overlooking the area below.

Have your friend operate the control panel in the room to initiate a Purge and kill you. Make sure you are waiting in the area below beforehand. As soon as the Purge lands, you will unlock the Resonance trait even before dying.

Your friend will receive the Wayfarer trait for activating the Purge. You can repeat this process to give Resonance to other friends if you want.

What Resonance Does

The Resonance trait comes with a unique benefit – an amplified Aura size. This enhancement has far-reaching effects, boosting the potency of your passives in Remnant 2. For instance, it can amplify the speed of your Handler’s Dog and the passives associated with a turret. As the Resonance trait advances to its maximum level, it bestows an astonishing 50% increase in Aura size.

The Resonance trait increases your aura size, boosting passive effects like the Handler’s Dog speed and benefits from placed turrets. At maximum level, Resonance grants a huge 50% aura size increase!

By following these steps and utilizing the Purge, you can unlock the powerful Resonance trait. Use it to enhance your builds and experience in Remnant 2‘s multiplayer adventures.