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Remnant 2 Nameless Nest Temple Puzzle Guide


remnant 2 nameless nest temple puzzle

The Nameless Nest Temple in Remnant 2 contains a puzzle needed to progress further and reach the Mother Mind boss. Follow this guide to solve the puzzle and open the locked room.

How to Solve the Nameless Nest Temple Puzzle in Remnant 2

Location and Preparation

The Nameless Nest Temple puzzle can be found in Remnant 2 within the Nameless Nest area. Here’s how to tackle the puzzle:

  • Reach the Temple: Upon entering the Nameless Nest, locate and activate the checkpoint to save your progress. Clear out any enemies in the vicinity of the temple, as they can distract you during the puzzle-solving process.
  • Identify the Temple: Look for a tall ancient building surrounded by landscapes. This is the temple that houses the puzzle.

Solving the Puzzle

  • Hidden Passage: At the front of the temple, there are two staircases leading to an elevator. Note that between these staircases, there appears to be a wall. Walk through this illusionary wall to enter a secret room.
  • The Dial: In the secret room, you’ll find a dial with engraved symbols. In front of the dial is a locked room accessible by inputting the correct combination.
  • Elevator Symbols: Proceed to the elevator on the temple’s upper level. Step onto the elevator to activate it, then quickly move back. As the elevator ascends, you’ll see symbols engraved on it. Memorize these symbols or take a screenshot for reference.
    • Alternatively, move downstairs and look up at the tower of the temple to see all the symbols engraved on the elevator. Taking a screenshot here is a handy option.
  • Dial Combination: Return to the secret room and interact with the dial (default key: E). Adjust the plates on the dial one by one. The outermost plate should match the top symbol from the elevator, and follow suit with the other three symbols.

  • Activate the Plinth: Once you’ve set the correct combination, press the Activate Plinth button (default key: E) to open the gate in front of the dial.

Puzzle Reward

Upon successfully solving the Nameless Nest Temple puzzle, you will be rewarded with the Blooming Heart Relic. This powerful relic offers significant benefits in combat:

  • The relic heals the caster for 35% of their maximum health over a duration of 5 seconds.
  • It spawns 3 healing orbs, each granting 35% of the caster’s maximum health over 5 seconds.
  • Casting the relic again replaces the existing orbs with new ones.

Whether you’re a solo player or enjoying the game with friends, the Blooming Heart Relic proves incredibly valuable. It provides you with an extended period of boosted health or can be used strategically to heal your allies or damage foes.

Now armed with the Blooming Heart Relic, you’re better equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead, including the formidable Mother Mind boss. Good luck, and may your journey through Remnant 2 be victorious!