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Remnant 2 Ring Of Flawed Beauty Guide


Ring Of Flawed Beauty Remnant 2

If you’re looking to get your hands on the Ring of Flawed Beauty in Remnant 2, here are the two methods for obtaining it.

Remnant 2 Guide – How to get Ring Of Flawed Beauty

Random Drops

The Ring of Flawed Beauty can rarely drop from enemies in the challenging Root Earth dungeon. Root Earth is an alternate version of Earth and the final realm in Remnant: From the Ashes. With enough luck and persistence defeating foes in this dungeon, you may eventually acquire the ring as a random drop. Just be prepared for the tough enemies guarding it!

Purchasing from Cass

For those seeking a more direct path to acquiring the Ring of Flawed Beauty, a visit to Cass’s Shop in the game’s hub area, Ward 13, holds the answer. However, before you can make this purchase, you may need to engage in a brief dialogue with Cass, recounting your journey through the Worldstone. Once this conversation is behind you, head into her shop and browse her inventory. If the ring is available for purchase, it can be acquired for 500 Scrap.

It is important to note that Cass’s Shop has a rotating inventory, meaning the Ring of Flawed Beauty might not always be readily available. Multiple visits may be required to secure this valuable asset for your build.

Remnant 2 Guide – How to use Ring Of Flawed Beauty

The Ring of Flawed Beauty is a coveted item in Remnant: From the Ashes for players utilizing ranged combat abilities. This ring provides excellent damage buffs at the cost of penalties for poor aim, making it a high risk, high reward accessory.

The Ring of Flawed Beauty grants a 25-30% Mod Power bonus to both weapons based on the percentage of magazine reloaded. This allows players to utilize their mods more frequently for a combat advantage. However, shots that miss weak points will result in a 15% decreased ranged damage penalty.

With the high risk and high reward attributes of the Ring of Flawed Beauty, it’s best utilized by Hunters and Gunslingers who can consistently nail those critical hits. If you think your aim is up to the test, grab this ring and unleash devastating ranged abilities in Remnant 2.