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Stumble Guys Guide – How to Unlock the Golden Mr. Beast Skin

Stumble Guys Golden Mr. Beast
Images via Kitka Games

If you’re eager to get your hands on the coveted Golden Mr. Beast skin in Stumble Guys, this guide will provide you with the necessary information to unlock it and show off your admiration for the bearded icon.

Stumble Guys Guide – How to Unlock the Golden Mr. Beast Skin

For a limited time, until August 24, 2023, players can access Stumble Guys on PC or mobile devices to participate in a range of new modes and maps inspired by Mr. Beast.

There are two distinct modes available, each offering different rewards:

  • Beast Bucks Mode: In this mode, players can earn Beast Bucks by completing various challenges and objectives. These Beast Bucks can be redeemed for special Mr. Beast-themed skins.
  • MrBeast’s Olympiad Mode: To obtain the coveted Golden Jimmy skin, players must play the MrBeast’s Olympiad mode. This mode pits 32 players against each other in three different events. The key to unlocking the Golden Jimmy skin is emerging victorious in all three events. Only a single win is required to unlock the Golden Jimmy skin, which can then be equipped from the main menu at any time.

If you’re concerned that the Mr. Beast skins will disappear after the event ends, there’s no need to worry. Once you have unlocked the skins, they will remain in your inventory permanently. They will not be removed, allowing you to proudly showcase your Golden Mr. Beast skin even after the event concludes.

The Golden Mr. Beast skin in Stumble Guys offers players an exciting opportunity to showcase their triumph and fandom. By participating in the MrBeast’s Olympiad mode and emerging victorious in all three events, players can unlock this exclusive skin. Remember, the event is time-limited, so make sure to log in and start playing before August 24, 2023. Don’t miss your chance to stumble your way to victory and bring home the gold in more ways than one in Stumble Guys.