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Move the letters to form words and complete the panel in less than 15 moves.

lan lan lan lan

Swap a maximum of 15 letters to find all 6 words and solve today's swople.

Jedes Spiel lässt sich in 8 oder mehr Zügen lösen, und alle Spielerinnen & Spieler suchen täglich dieselben Wörter

Each game can be solved in 8 or more moves and all players search for the same words every day.

The letters of 6 words are randomly distributed on the playing field. Swap letters in as few moves as possible to find all 6 words.

A yellow letter may still be in the wrong place, but it only needs to be moved along the row or column (not interrupted by empty fields). A first hint!

For example, if a letter is on an edge, or in the middle of the board, then its placement could be both horizontal and vertical.

Sometimes the same letter appears multiple times in yellow in a row. In the example below, the row could contain the letter "E" 1 or 2 times. As soon as an "E" turns green, you can see from the color of the remaining tiles whether you need another "E" in this row.

It can therefore also happen that in the following example only 1 "E" is required in the middle row. As soon as one turns green by swapping, you might suddenly see that you have to swap the other two "E"s into the gray fields.

Green letters are always fixed because they are already in the correct place!

At 00:00 Europe time, a new game will be activated and the previous one moves into the archive. You can play the archive as many times as you like because it doesn't add to your stats. Perfect for training!

Swople Game

Swap a maximum of 15 letters to find all 6 words and solve today's swople game.

lan lan lan lan
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