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Texas Chain Saw Massacre Killer Tier List: Sawyer Family Rankings

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Killer Tier List
Images via Gun Interactive

Venturing into the nightmarish world of Gun Interactive’s Texas Chain Saw Massacre? Look no further than our comprehensive Texas Chain Saw Massacre killer tier list to gain the upper hand and secure your success.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Killer Tier List: Sawyer Family Rankings

Tier Killers
S Johnny
A Leatherface, Cook, Hitchhiker
B Sissy

S Tier – The Apex Predator

  • Johnny: The most lethal Sawyer, Johnny relentlessly hunts his prey using animal instinct and cunning. His “Hunt” skill shows victims’ footprints, allowing him to track with speed and accuracy. With high strength and bloodlust, Johnny is the top tier killer.

A Tier – Savvy Veterans

  • Leatherface: No surprises here – the chainsaw-wielding Leatherface has the highest brutality and endurance. He can shred through doors and victims with raw power. Not the fastest, but nearly unstoppable up close.
Images via Gun Interactive
  • Cook: The head of the Sawyer household knows the area extremely well. His “Seek” power hones his hearing to detect even the slightest noise. Though not as energetic as the others, his familiarity gives him an advantage.
  • Hitchhiker: Agile and sly, Hitchhiker utilizes the environment to set traps and sneak up on victims. Small in stature, he can also crawl through tight spaces other killers can’t access.

B Tier – The Weakest Killer

  • Sissy: The newest Sawyer family member, Sissy uses poison and traps rather than overt violence. Her “Bane” special ability lets her create toxic powder and contaminate map resources. While clever and stealthy, she lacks the raw power of her kin.

There you have it – our ranking of Texas Chain Saw Massacre‘s iconic slasher family. Use these tips to take down victims with the right killer! Who will you main?