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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Guide: Mastering Survival with Connie

Connie Texas Chain SawMassacre
Images via Gun Interactive

Connie is one of the trickiest survivors for the Family to catch in Texas Chain Saw Massacre thanks to her cunning abilities. Although not the strongest physically, she excels at stealth, picklocking, and escape. Follow this guide to maximize Connie’s potential.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Guide: Mastering Survival with Connie


Connie embodies the resourceful farm girl adept at evading captors, unlocking doors, and outwitting cannibals. Her balanced attributes highlight her cunning nature, giving her a distinct edge in manual dexterity. Although her physical strength is lacking, Connie’s unique ability, Focused, compensates for it.

When played strategically, Connie can navigate past killers, secure exits, and lead her team to victory. With adequate space, she can evade capture and achieve survival with minimal assistance.


Connie’s attributes strike a balance, making her adaptable for different strategies. Here’s an overview of her attributes and their significance:

  • Endurance: With a score of 25, Connie’s higher endurance grants her a more substantial stamina pool.
  • Proficiency: At 35, Connie’s proficiency excels in tasks like lockpicking and battery disabling.
  • Strength: A weakness at 15, Connie struggles in escaping grapples and performing physically demanding tasks.
  • Stealth: With a score of 30, Connie’s stealthiness facilitates evasion and remaining hidden.
  • Toughness: At 20, Connie’s durability ensures reasonable survivability.


Enhancing Connie’s attributes should align with maximizing her ability, Focused. Since Connie excels in lockpicking, extensive investment in Proficiency isn’t imperative. Focus on the following progression:

  • Strength Reinforcement: Elevate Connie’s strength to interact more effectively with the environment. Expanding her skill set enhances her versatility and effectiveness.
  • Customized Attributes: Tailor Connie’s attributes based on your strategy. Strengthen toughness for added survivability, endurance for stamina management, or stealth for covert maneuvers.

Remember, Connie’s proficiency offsets the need for a high stealth stat.

Unique Skill: Focused

Images via Gun Interactive

Connie’s core strength lies in her unique ability, Focused. Although not flashy, this ability is supremely useful. Focused enables Connie to instantaneously unlock doors with an unlock tool, significantly expediting victory by unlocking exits. While this ability shines, it presents challenges—long cooldown periods and diminished threat perception.

Optimal Perks

Connie’s early-game perks offer an array of options, but some stand out. Opt for perks that align with her strengths and preferred play style, emphasizing the ‘up’ direction on the skill tree.

Bear in mind that perk potency grows with usage. Sticking to chosen perks accelerates your progress.

  • Bomb Squad: As a universal obstacle remover, Bomb Squad fits Connie’s role perfectly. This perk enables her to disarm bone traps without the need for bone scraps, freeing inventory space for essentials.
  • Lucky Lockpicker: Given Connie’s lockpicking expertise, this perk is invaluable. With a 30% chance to retain a lockpick on initial usage (increasing to 50% at max level), Lucky Lockpicker streamlines map navigation and mobility.
  • Must Have Been The Wind: Removing noise penalties during item scavenging, Must Have Been The Wind boasts three charges initially (scaling to six). This perk accelerates looting and transitions to essential tasks.

These perks synergize with Connie’s innate strengths, bolstering her strategic gameplay.

Master the intricacies of Connie’s gameplay mechanics, allowing you to navigate Texas Chain Saw Massacre with the cunning of a seasoned survivor. Whether unlocking exits, outwitting killers, or executing swift escapes, Connie’s abilities and tactical perks set the stage for exhilarating victories.