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What Occurs When You Die in Unturned

Unturned die
Images via Smartly Dressed Games

Dying in the survival game Unturned can be stressful if you don’t know what to expect. So what exactly happens when you die in this game? Here’s the breakdown:

Unturned Death Mechanics: What Occurs When You Die in Unturned

When you die in Unturned, the first thing you’ll notice is your entire inventory dropping around your character’s lifeless body. All your carefully collected weapons, food, and other items will be scattered on the ground. If you can rush back to the death site quickly, you can retrieve your belongings before they disappear. However, if you die again on the way or log off, those items will be lost.

Images via Smartly Dressed Games

In addition to losing your inventory, dying also impacts your skills and experience points. Each death will cause you to lose a portion of your earned skills and XP. However, skills tied to your selected profession, like Exercise and Strength for Police Officers, remain untouched. Most other skills will reset to zero though.

If you want a less punishing death penalty, solo players can adjust the player config setting to 1.0 to keep skills after dying. Switching the game to easy mode also reduces the impact of dying. For multiplayer, only the server host can alter the death settings, so ask them about reducing penalties if you want a change.

While losing progress and items can be frustrating, it adds to the stakes and tension that define the Unturned survival experience. Learning to avoid reckless mistakes and retrieve your gear quickly is key. With some clever configuration and quick thinking after dying, you can reduce the sting of death in Unturned.


Developed solely by Canadian game designer Nelson Sexton, Unturned is a free-to-play multiplayer survival game from Smartly Dressed Games. After gaining popularity on PC, Unturned expanded to consoles when publisher 505 Games launched a retail version for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November 2020. With its cooperative survival gameplay, robust creation tools, and availability across multiple platforms, Unturned has become a breakout hit in the survival genre.