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Where to find Infernal Iron in Baldur’s Gate 3


Infernal Iron baldur's gate 3

Infernal Iron is a key resource in Baldur’s Gate 3, especially for the warrior Karlach and her unstable demonic heart implant known as an Infernal Engine. For those looking to help Karlach survive with your party, here are some reliable Infernal Iron locations.

What is Infernal Iron For?

Karlach has an Infernal Engine in place of a heart, a “gift” from her demon patron. This engine is unstable, so Karlach seeks out an Infernal Mechanic to repair it. The mechanic, Dammon, explains that Karlach needs Infernal Iron to stabilize the engine.

Infernal Iron fuels an upgrade that eases the burning pain of Karlach’s condition. You’ll need to find two pieces to fully upgrade the engine. Infernal Metal and Infernal Alloy also work. Completing this upgrades Karlach’s unique Hellion Heart ability.

Where to find Infernal Iron in Baldur’s Gate 3

Here are the locations where you can find Infernal Iron throughout the game:

Act 1 Locations

  1. Blighted Village – Blacksmith’s Cellar: Find a chest on the ledge above the forge on the right side of the cellar.
  2. Goblin Camp – Treasure Room: Search behind the throne in Dror Ragzlin’s room to discover Infernal Iron.
  3. Grymforge – Stonemason Kith: Assist Stonemason Kith to receive Infernal Iron as a reward.
  4. Zhentarim Hideout – Small Room: Inside the hideout, check the chest in the small room at the back. The Infernal Iron is in the right chest of the two available.

Act 2 Locations

  1. Gauntlet of Shar – West: To the right of Balthazar’s room door, there’s a locked treasure room. Unlock it and find Infernal Iron in the middle chest.
  2. Gauntlet of Shar – East: Defeat the Orthon named Yurgir in the central giant room’s east side to loot Infernal Iron from his body.
  3. Mason’s Guild – Reithwin Town: Inside the Mason’s Guild in the northeast of Reithwin Town, you’ll discover Infernal Iron on a table.

With two Infernal Iron pieces in hand, Karlach’s Infernal Engine can be reinforced, allowing her to keep fighting at your side. Her inner fire now tempered, your epic adventure continues.

Infernal Iron is a valuable resource in Baldur’s Gate 3, critical for helping Karlach stabilize her Infernal Engine in the Hellion’s Heart companion quest. Utilize this guide to locate Infernal Iron and complete Karlach’s questline, enhancing your gameplay experience.