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Where to Find Savior, Override Pin, and Twisted Idol in Remnant 2


Savior remnant 2

If you’re on the hunt for the elusive Override Pin, the Savior long gun, or the formidable Twisted Idol amulet in Remnant 2, you’re in luck. This guide will lead you through the steps to acquire these coveted assets.

Where to find the Override Pin in Remnant 2

The Override Pin in Remnant 2 is a hidden “quest item” that can influence boss encounters, ultimately affecting the loot quality and rewards you receive. While you can choose to face bosses without it, obtaining the Override Pin can significantly enhance your chances of obtaining valuable crafting materials.

To secure the Override Pin, follow these steps:

  1. Journey to the world of N’Erud and explore the Timeless Horizon zone.
  2. Locate an unnamed tower within the area.
  3. Inside the tower, take the elevator to reach the upper floors.
  4. Discover the secret path leading to another elevator.
  5. Ascend the elevator and find the Override Pin at the end of the short corridor.

Where to find the Savior long gun in Remnant 2

The Savior long gun is a coveted weapon in Remnant 2, renowned for its high critical hit chance and devastating weak spot damage. Primarily functioning as a sniper, this endgame weapon comes with a unique Weapon Mod, making it a prized possession for seasoned players.

To lay your hands on the Savior long gun, follow these steps:

  1. Complete Remnant 2 in Apocalypse mode, the most challenging difficulty setting.
  2. Seek out Brabus, the weapon merchant located near the shooting range.
  3. Purchase the Savior for 1500 scrap from Brabus after completing the game on Apocalypse mode.

Where to find the Twisted Idol Amulet in Remnant 2

The Twisted Idol amulet in Remnant 2 offers a remarkable weight reduction and armor effectiveness, making it a valuable asset for those who prefer to carry heavier loads. Despite its seemingly simple appearance, the amulet’s functionality is nothing short of impressive.

To acquire the Twisted Idol amulet, follow these methods:

  • Forge a Transaction: Visit Ward 13 and meet NPC merchant Cass. She offers the Twisted Idol amulet for 400 Scrap, a valuable investment for those seeking an edge.
  • The Wailing Tree: Watch for the Wailing Tree, a Random Event in the outdoor region of the Earth map. Engage in battle and destroy the tree, overcoming enemies to claim the coveted Twisted Idol amulet.

In the dynamic realm of Remnant 2, the journey is rife with challenges, secrets, and rewards. The Savior long gun, Override Pin, and Twisted Idol amulet are just a few examples of the treasures that await the intrepid explorer. As you venture forth, armed with these items, may your path be marked by triumph and discovery.