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Where to Find the Best Legendary Armor in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Legendary Armor
Images via Larian Studios

Legendary armor sets are the pinnacle of protection and enchantments in Baldur’s Gate 3. Don’t miss out on equipping your Baldur’s Gate 3 party with these legendary armor sets by checking the locations below.

Where to Find the Best Legendary Armor in Baldur’s Gate 3

Mask of the Shapeshifter

Exclusive to the Deluxe Edition, this helmet is found in your camp’s Traveler’s Chest. It allows the casting of Shapeshift to transform into any playable race – great for infiltration and deception.

Gloves of Soul Catching

These legendary gloves are dropped by Raphael in House of Hope if you choose to defeat him in combat.

The Gloves of Soul Catching grant:

  • Soul Fist – Deal 1-10 Force damage with unarmed strikes
  • Soul Catching – Heal 10HP per unarmed attack or gain advantage on saves/attacks
  • +2 Constitution

Ideal for Monks and other martial artists, these gloves add punch to your punch.

Helldusk Armor

This heavy chest armor is also dropped by Raphael in House of Hope after besting him in battle.

The Helldusk Armor provides:

  • Infernal Retribution – Burn attackers for 3 damage on successful save
  • Prime Aegis of Fire – Reduce incoming damage by 3 and gain fire resistance
  • Learn Fly Spell

With no proficiency required, this is one of the best armors around. The damage reflection and resistance bonuses make you a veritable tank.

Helm of Balduran

This legendary helm is awarded for defeating the undead dragon Ansur after completing the Trials of Wyrmway during Act 3. To access Wyrmway, enter through Wyrm’s Rock Prison.

The Helm of Balduran provides:

  • Balduran’s Vitality – Restore 2HP per turn
  • Balduran’s Favor – +1 to AC and Saving Throws
  • Immunity to Critical Hits

As a medium armor, it requires proficiency to equip. The healing and AC bonuses make this an incredibly valuable headpiece.

The most legendary armor is difficult to find but well worth the effort. Use this guide to outfit your party with the best gear in Baldur’s Gate 3.