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Where to Find the Griffin for the Blacksmith Blues Questline


griffin final fantasy 16

Embarking on the Blacksmith Blues questline in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) leads you on an exciting journey to locate the mighty Griffin, Dozmare. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to find the Griffin’s elusive location and emerge victorious in battle.

Final Fantasy 16 Guide: Where to Find the Griffin for the Blacksmith Blues Questline

To find the Griffin, known as Dozmare in the game, head towards the Caer Norvent River Gate. The fastest way to reach this location is by utilizing the Lostwing Obelisk as a Fast Travel point. From there, make your way south through Norvent Valley, ultimately arriving near the gate where the Griffin awaits.

Before engaging in battle with the Griffin, it is advisable to initiate the “Blacksmith Blues” side quest. You can begin this quest during the “Here Be Monsters” main quest by speaking to August in The Hideaway. August will direct you to Blackthorne at The Black Hammer, who will share his grievances. Afterward, consult Charon and utilize the Hunt Board to pinpoint the Griffin’s location.

Position the map marker according to the above illustration and make your way to the Caer Norvent River Gate. It is recommended to bypass any enemies along the route for efficiency. Upon reaching the gate, you will encounter Dozmare perched atop a brick wall, ready for battle. Be prepared for a challenging fight, as the Griffin possesses both ranged attacks and formidable close-quarters claw maneuvers. Dodge or parry its attacks based on your preferred combat style.

During the battle, employing Lightning Ball will prove effective in gradually wearing down the Griffin’s stagger bar. Ensure you are well-prepared with an ample supply of potions and tonics to sustain your endurance throughout the encounter.

Once you have triumphed over Dozmare, engage in conversation with Kamil, the injured man, and proceed to deliver the treated leather to Blackthorne in The Black Hammer. By completing this series of tasks, you will successfully conclude the Blacksmith Blues side quest in Final Fantasy 16, earning yourself 250 XP, 10 Renown, and the Curiosity: Drakeslayer’s Belt Design Draft as a reward.

Now armed with this knowledge, venture forth with courage and determination as you confront the Griffin and fulfill your quest in Final Fantasy 16.