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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Guide


zelda tears of the kingdom Korok Cork

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll come across Korok cork puzzles, where you need to figure out how to remove a cork from a stump to earn a Korok Seed. This guide will provide you with different strategies to solve these puzzles and help you progress in the game.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Guide – How to solve the Korok Cork Puzzles

Objective: Your goal is to pull out the cork that is stuck in the stump using alternative methods, as directly using Ultrahand is not an option.

Solution 1: Heavy Object Method

  1. Assess the stump’s location: Determine whether the stump is near a ledge or a body of water.
  2. If near a ledge: Find a heavy object such as a log, boulder, or smaller rock, then use Ultrahand to attach the heavy object to the chain of the dangling cork. Let the heavy object dangle off the ledge, applying force in the direction where the stump leans. The force generated by the heavy object will cause the cork to come loose from the stump.
  3. If near a body of water: Submerge the dangling cork as far under the water as possible. Release the cork, allowing it to spring up forcefully. The upward force will dislodge the cork from the stump.

Solution 2: Ultrahand Circular Motion Method

Although not the intended solution, there is an alternative method that works regardless of the stump’s location:

  1. With Ultrahand, grab any object within reach.
  2. Move the object in a big, wide circle in front of the angled stump.
  3. Attach the object to the dangling cork using Ultrahand.
  4. Recall the object, causing it to move in the same circle but in reverse, with the cork attached.
  5. The motion of the object with the attached cork should pop the plugged-in cork out of the stump.


Completing these puzzles rewards you with Korok Seeds, which can be exchanged with Hestu for inventory upgrades. These upgrades provide additional space for weapons, shields, and bows, allowing you to carry more items during your adventure.

By following these strategies, you can successfully solve the Korok cork puzzles in Tears of the Kingdom. Remember to collect Korok Seeds as they are useful for expanding Link’s inventory and improving his capabilities. Enjoy exploring Hyrule Kingdom and discovering the enchanting world of the Koroks!


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